It doesn't take a scientist to understand what's going on baby

London 2012 is over, no more hiding behind a cushion waiting to see if Mo Farrah or David Weir storm forward at the end to get the gold in the 5,000m and neither will Sebastian Coe be on my television every night.

I am bereft. I have watched this too many times. just skip to 5:57 minutes in. Swoon.

I love him.

I also love The Times for their wraps, who needs words when you have an immense image.

and diving in skips to find old maps of familiar places. I have found a very good skip, and am emptying it sooner than it is being filled.

and the smallest child, even with chicken pox.

and flowers from my garden, Port Sunlight from David Austin, could a rose be any more on trend?

and a first day of school, where did that time go?, she used to sit in a box on the workbench

and in other news, i have short hair. There was a misunderstanding at the hairdressers. It's a bob, I'm not sure I'm a bob sort of person.

and i am installing an autumnal window display this week, so the weather is bound to get better.

also the berries were Ligustrum.



Anonymous said...

Fancy standing-up-on-their-own berries. Nice.
Thanks for the learnin' :)

Rose said...

Miss P! You like Sebastian Coe? Don't you remember what a bad loser he was when he raced against Steve Ovett?