A man walks into a shop

Man: So this is what flower shops look like nowadays is it?

Miss P: Well, it's what this one looks like

Man: I used to have a flower shop, bit different to this though, you've got an eye for it love.

Miss P: Literally

always make the joke first

this is what i am learning.

This is another one of those sample things, throwing all the flowers in the air and seeing how they fall. Which flowers make the cut for the bridal bouquet?

Yes asparagus fern

and lisianthus.

also neither of the roses are Quicksand

I have found some new ones.


Anonymous said...

Miss p. i have searched high and low yet cannot find out how you managed to Injure you eye? Could you explain? Your patch is quite lovely , one rarely gets to wear one these days. Yours. Yet another miss p xxx

ella said...

How do you stop the elderberries flopping??? This would be life-changing information for me!

cara said...

yes, what's the deal with your eye? Did you hurt it? Or do you have a squint? Or did you lose it in the war? I'm confused.

Becca said...

I think these flowers are brilliant. I think you are brilliant for making jokes about what must be a crappy situation.

Copying and pasting those pictures

flwrjane said...

I thought they were viburnum.Are they elderberries?

You know what's been life changing for me?

Getting to know you and your world of witty, wonky beauty.

xo jane

Mrs Beard said...

....but was the man handsome?

Stop putting things on your blog that I now really want in my bouquet, I'll have to hire a tractor to drag it behind me at this rate.