and I'd give up forever to touch you

'cause i know that you feel me somehow.

 Goo Goo dolls 

 Last night whilst watching election coverage, I fell down the rabbit hole that is 90's music.

These are the Instax pictures from the weekend. I took 297 digital pictures, and these 5 Instax.

I'd never used one before, I bought one in a charity shop which was a dud, and didn't have high hopes for this one from a sale room, but it worked.

Out of all the photographs i took, these were my favourite. I have developed a terrible habit of taking far too many pictures and hoping that at least one is half decent. Invariably the first one is the best, and the rest just clog up my hard drive.

You can't do that with an Instax, for one, it's enormous and you feel  a bit of a plonker, and secondly you have to buy the film.

but such wonder of having actual photographs, I have carried them in my pocket, and shown them to everyone that will look. I can be annoying like that.

and now I would very much like an SX-70, so that I can be just like Jen and Jen.

Do you do instant photography?

Also thank you America.

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Becca said...

You're totally right. You should totally second shoot my wedding. As well as being MOH. Obviously.

Jane...Jane...are you DELIGHTED? And Elizabeth Warren won too! I wore my Obama T-Shirt and ate BBQ chicken. He ate Pizza. It was all very jolly.

I'm still Bartlett for president though #namingmyfirstchildCJ