Christmas part 1

We are calling it disco woodland 
Gold, white, grey and wood. 
Glitter and sequins feature heavily and I have specimen 3ft Christmas trees, if you like me you like to have one in the bedroom they are perfect.

I'm over austerity, I want bling albeit with a modicum of subtlety

and I wrestled The Hound into some tinsel. Look how pleased he is.

Next week I'll bring you things you can actually buy, online, including sequin covers for your vases and some how-to's for the things that you can't.

but for now, i have the small matter of Mrs Beard's wedding to attend to.

One of our own is to be married on Saturday.

Until next week, or Sunday if you read our floral coalition.



flowers on my table said...

Ooh it looks magical over there in your disco woodland and the hound like one of santa's helpers! I love the white, grey and gold, it's lovely. Linda x

Mrs T-J said...

Such exquisitely tasteful bling! The hound looks resigned and in need of a pigs ear. (Radders has become partial to kangaroo tail!) Lovely Miss P and I have finally worked out that the floral coalition is another blog entirely and I love the idea. Same pictures, two different takes on them. Bloody brilliant! xxx

Mrs Beard said...

Eeeeeeee! Very very excited. Also disco Christmas looks bloody fabulous, I'm all for sparkles...as you will see tomorrow....

HWIT BLOGG said...


Take care and have a nice weekend!


Sue A said...

Love it. Bring on the bling.

Hannah said...

I love the sparkle! Magical.