It's a mugs' game

We now have our very own mug.

I've wanted to do one forever. I like a good mug, and still have all the ones from my childhood, mainly the ones that came with Easter eggs, or on the very rare occasion when i found one with my name on.

These may or may not be in The Mother Hen's garage, do you still have a box at your parents? With all the things that you don't want at yours, but nor do you want Mummy to get rid of.

"But that's my childhood, how can you bear to part with it mama?"

Or that loaded question of, "Shall i keep this cot of yours, are you going to have any children?"

I digress...........

This one you'll definitely want in your home, illustrated by the ever wonderful Anna Wilson Patterson and printed right here in Stamford. It features The Hound and I, and flowers, and The Heron.

Perfect for soup or coffee or tea, or gin. Whichever

Or flowers, or pencils, or pot it up with bulbs.

Dishwasher safe too.

You can buy one now for £9.00, choose from red, purple or mustard.

Currently only available in the UK, but if a test parcel to Virginia gets it's way through American customs in one piece, we'll open delivery worldwide.


Lotte and Bloom said...

it's perfect. love the mustardo x

Mother Hen said...

Almost make me want to do Christmas stockings for you all again........ I repeat almost
I will however require an immediate delivery for every friend and relative xxxx

Jillian said...

Please let us know if you decide to ship worldwide! I'm a huge fan, but live in Ireland. I would love to order one!

Tracy x said...

i am smitten....

Mrs T-J said...

You could try a test parcel Down Under, I assure you it would be most cherished! Well done, I love it xxx

Sprout said...

Well I guess I know who the test parcel is going to...lucky Jane!

cara said...