Where is my John Wayne?

Paula Cole 

The Dawson's Creek soundtrack.......

This year I intend to decorate the front of the shop with a fresh Christmas garland.

I am hoping that no-one steals it, but given the wreath i left outside last night was still outside this morning, we may be ok.

I've been assimilating things to go in it, asparagus fern so very Downton Abbey, poplar alba, hydrangea, and blue cypress and viburnum tinus.

I imagine supplemented with rose hips, pussy willow and the like.

There will be a how-to, maybe on Thursday of next week.

I normally make them on bicycle brake cables.


helensarahvaughan said...

dawsons creek, gosh that brings back fond memories

Becca said...

I loved Dawson's creek. But I think she should have picked solid dependable Dawson rather than Racey Pacey. I am adverse to risk.

Is Friday bloody over yet? I want to be home to the spirals and stone walls. And decent sausages.

cara said...

Oh the Dawson's Creek soundtrack. I left it behind when I left for university and when I got home in the summer my mum had reappropriated it. She never gave it back.

I love that stuff in the third picture down. Those spiky flower things make me think of spaceships and aliens and I like things that make me think of spaceships and aliens.

cara said...

(And Pacey forever.)

flwrjane said...

we late to the party Virginians are just watching season two of Downton Abbey so I'm feeling very swishy.

Carry on McDuff.

xo J.