This is the rhythm of my life

There was meant to be a "Happy Christmas" post on Christmas Eve, but the day got out of hand.

It started well, Melchior, Balthazar and Gaspar* brought gifts of Chanel, chocolates, and pigs in blankets.
but then it descended into chaos, as people came with desperation in their eyes, frantically searching for that last minute gift and bread sauce?

Since then it has been a most wonderfully relaxing family Christmas, I was completely bowled over by the gift of a mini Ipad. I've never had an Apple product before, so the apps are a revelation, greedily downloading ALL of them. Paper so far is my favourite.

do the Apple devotees amongst you have recommendations?

and there was Norfolk...

did you enjoy the festive period? And the sunshine start to 2013? Have you reflected on 2012?

given what happened with the eye 2012 should have been put in a box labelled "terrible"
but it really wasn't
I'm very proud of the work I did, whether it was a wedding, funeral or a small posy for a dinner party.

So thank you to everybody who made 2012 a good year, family, friends, brides, customers, and blog readers.

2013 is going to be even better

The shop is back in action on Wednesday 9th January. A facelift is occurring, the shop, not me.

*names have been altered to protect identity.


Annabel - Love My Dress said...

Hope 2013 brings you peace, joy and prosperity Miss Pickering xXx

Becca said...

Happy New Year Miss P. Looking forward to seeing the new "urban jungle" or "african safari meets New York loft installation" I'm sure the shop will become. The Heron is staying yes?

No news here. Santa bought lots of gym stuff and some wedding day earrings. I ate my own body weight (now increased) in shortbread and after eights and I forgot everything I ever learnt and have come back to work completely useless.

I thought Ripper Street was crap and am mourning Homeland. Thoughts on both?

Jo said...

What gorgeous photos, as ever...
A very happy new year to you,

Jo x

abi said...

App recommendations... Pinterest so you can post pics of your flowers, Flipboard to keep track of things you like, Instagram for more flower sharing, Shazam because it's always annoying not knowing the song, Evernote & Omnifocus for productivity, Fancy for nice things and Blogger so you can post easily.

Delovelyish said...

Blog looks gorgeous-- love the new sidebar. Happy New Year!

l o v e l y t h i n g s said...

Love your photos...the napkin rings with white linens, the candelabra on the simple white modern piece....beautiful!

Emily said...

Happy New Year lovely. I hope that 2013 brings all you wish for and plenty of London lunches. xxx