U sure make me feel like loving you

There are flowers in the shop once again.
and plants.

Camellias, hellebores, Narcissus Paperwhite and Ice Folly. Pale things are soothing in January.

and some new furniture via sale rooms, charity shops and the tip, that is in dire need of a hot date with some Nitromors. Although having just googled nitormors to ascertain exact spelling and stumbling on a forum of DIY addicts, apparently what you need is something with dichloromethane in it off of ebay. Or a really big blow torch.

The new furniture is in my work area, newly designed to be tidy, organised, versatile and to make the most of the natural light. A place for everything and everything in it's place...........

I will take better pictures when the illicit encounter between Edwardian wood and noxious substances has occurred.

and the post title is my song of the moment. The new Ministry of Sound 90's dance anthems is the perfect homage to the U6th common room.

and whilst the newspapers are filled with adverts for divorce lawyers, my thoughts are on Valentines.

How do we top last year's campaign?

Also this post is a lot like the first hand tied bouquet i make after some time off. Not the best, but bear with.


Mrs Beard said...

Thank goodness. You are back.

Looking forward to seeing the new-look emporium.

Does the Hound get a new spot now that you are utilisng that back space differently? I can't imagine he'd relinquish his little window without a fight.

Mother Hen said...

I shall be making passage to said Emporium tomorrow, desperately needing bulbs for indoors and new flowers pour la maison, house guest on Saturday evening and a surprise party in Norfolk to attend too. I am absolutely convinced that you will work your magic and all requirements will be fulfilled in a trice xxx

FlowerGirl26 said...

Last year's Valentines' campaign will be impossible to top. It was too good! (Still makes me chuckle even now.)

Becca said...

Hooray you have flowers. It took me a good month to get back into work so technically, I am not there yet.


Jenny Debeaux said...

Can I make a suggestion about the furniture? Rather than go to the trouble of stripping everything etc., pop to your local garden centre in Stamford and buy some of Annie Sloan's chalk paint. You can paint it on anything without prior preparation and it looks really good. She says to use some of her special wax as a final coat but Rachel of Slow Lane Life used a matt varnish - see http://attica-slowlife.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/paint-love.html

When funds permit, I'm going to paint our front door!

Annie Sloan is to be found online at :

I hope this helps.

kelly said...

loving the soundtrack. and the flowers of course. i need something to get me raving today...hard to get back in to the routine on the dull days. perhaps it's time for me to roll out the neon?

i like the sound of your newness in the shop.

happy new year old friend. xXx

Mrs T-J said...

Your creativity, originality and industrious nature leave me agog. I have been nothing but a lazy unemployed layabout this past year! Not worthy xxx

Mother Hen said...

I came, I saw and had to conquer my desire to buy everything in the new look Miss Pickering, sleek enterprise. Still quirky but in a very calm and collected manner, just perfect.
Thank you for all the lovely floral pieces, am now exuberantly and excitedly filling the house with all of the delights.
Also, if that gorgeous bulb planter makes it to my friend as a gift tomorrow it will be a miracle, as I certainly have huge designs on it. xxx