Happy Easter

Flowers in shades of mini eggs, disastrous F1 qualifying, sunshine, cloud, chocolate rabbits, pad thai, Uggs, ballet pumps...Neil Sedaka? It has been a hectic morning.

This weekend i will be mainly photographing things through the viewfinder. do you remember those pictures? I finally found a twin reflex, and with the help of this tutorial, will be doing "arty" photos. I don't have photoshop, so not too fancy. It is harder than it looks. My attempts on Friday night were not the best. Maybe it was the wine? Probably that second bottle.

The Hound will be hoping for a McLaren win, and baking cakes, and checking out the Readers' Dogs. Have you uploaded your photos yet?

Eat well, drink wine, curl up on the sofa with a mug of tea and an Easter egg, take a drive out to see lambs frolick, and we will be next week to chat about it.



Simon said...

A free Photoshop substitute: http://www.gimp.org/

I've never used it, but it's meant to be quite good...check out Adobe Lightroom if you can stretch to it - it's an amazing timesaver once you get the hang of it! Much quicker and easier than PS, but it will give the same results on 95% of pics.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to the best blogger, florist, comedian, shoe wearer, chef...!!!!


Julienne said...

Just popped over from small but charming and had to stay awhile. Souk has become a follower of the shop dog as well! What a charming site.

Bornay said...

happy easter you too Miss.P!
Love the first pic!

bests from barcelona!

Denise Fasanello said...

lovely!! Happy Spring