is seriously lacking from my garden at the moment. nothing seems to be in flower, except some foxgloves which are in the wrong place and obscured by a rose in full bud. I don't have any beauties like these I think i got carried away with the edible garden thing. I have lettuce in every shade of...green.

I do however have big piles of crepe paper and ric-rac, all set for a new window display. The window has been a little neglected over the last few weeks, and after watching the amazing Mary Portas last night, i am intending to pull up my socks and create something amazing......?

Florist window displays are a tricky thing, you can't really fill them with your product, unless you have pockets of money and can keep replacing them. Nor can i do silks, I just not that kind of girl. Some use vases and the like, but then you look like an interiors shop, it is a fine line.

All suggestions on what to do with the paper and ribbon are very welcome.

I also meant to bring you a recipe for Bang Bang chicken i made last night, but i absentmindly snacked on the chicken whilst making the dressing, and Bang Bang badly chopped vegetables weren't photogenic.

In other news, this Sunday coming is the article. We are being featured in the Mail on Sunday You magazine. I am excited and terrified, if you have ever wanted to know what my home and garden are like. Snap up a copy, available at all good newsagents. You will be pleased to know that The Hound is featured too.


laetitia said...

I think you should screw up the crepe paper into messy balls and thread them onto string and hang them in front of the window like they always do in Anthropologie.
You are sweet to link to me like that...the Scentimental rose is a scentsation..
re your lovely instructional post YES there should most definitely be a book on how to do stuff like that with flowers...by you...hardback...£20...yes there should.

Liz said...

Everything laetitia said. I agree!

Becca said...

Yes balls

I don't usually buy the mail because, well, it's the mail and my friends would disown me. I'll see if I can steal the magazine from the gym.

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Laetitia beat me to it - if you google 'Anthropologie window displays' not the main website and get your scissors out, you should have a great window display by the weekend.
YOU magazine, will you be available for autographs soon?

wabi sabi said...

what about these tissue pompoms?


the white one in the front of the photo especially. they maybe a bit too neat though? messy balls sounds like more fun....