Roses inside and outside

Quicksand, Amalia, and Ranuncular inside.

Unknown variety growing outside.

You are really only looking at those Action men aren't you?

Behind the shop, is a courtyard garden with a hairdresser's and beauty salon.

We all move the Action men around and put them in different positions.

It makes us laugh.

Sometimes it's the little things.

I was responsible for the introduction of the action men into the garden.

It is probably best you don't ask.


flwrjane said...

Miss Pickering, Come for cocktails , stay for dinner any night.

I also have an action figure in my garden. Found while digging.

Your story is undoubtedly more scandalous.

cowparsley said...

Ha Ha,

The action men made me giggle, my Dad would always buy me the latest action man for Christmas...uh why?!! Goodness, what does it all mean I wonder!


Elsa May said...

Loving the little Action Men - and love that you move them about. We used to have a tiny wooden giraffe that was moved around the house - he popped up in all manner of curious places.