How to wear flowers in your hair - a cheat's guide part 3

You will need a statement flower, here we have a Rosa Ranuncular and a Peony Henry Bockstoce. A thick gauge wire, or a big kirby grip with the plastic bits removed.
Some kirby grips - not pictured as i can't find them.
and your hair in a messy updo, you need a whole other blog for instruction on that.

1. snip heads off right at the base
2. Push wire through the flower head
3. Bend wire round and twist
4. Grip into the back of your hair
5. Dance a flamenco.

The last picture is of one of my hairdressers Emma - I have 2, you think my hair would look better, unfortunately i can't go to them every morning.
Her messy updo is better than mine.
Mine is messy in a bad way, I am over compensating with red lipstick, and red nails.


flwrjane said...

I know there's dirt under that nail polish.

Is the boat off the lawn?

I read hounds generally weigh 40 to 70 lbs. How big is the hound?

Miss Pickering said...

you know me well.

Loads of dirt.

The Hound weighs 35.5 kilos

He is the size of a large horse.


Not sure about the boat, but the flowers will compensate for any grass damage.

Jon Keith Diamonds said...

WOW - i always want to do this and dont have a CLUE how to! THANK YOU so much for showing me! im going to a tea party tomorrow and i am soooo getting a fresh flower in the morning for my hair!
Thanks again!

Mother Hen said...

I am loving that look Miss P, very glam but with a unique Miss P twist and you know my thoughts on lipstick! xxx

Anonymous said...

Miss Pickering,

What are you in on SUNDAY? I A DYING TO KNOW.


Bornay said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS CLASS! more easy and better than our way to make this...