Could we have an extra 3 hours in the day please?

Pretty please with bells on.

Flowers for weddings, parties, charity do's, sorry I parked my boat on your front lawn, I love you, congratulations on the birth of your daughter, happy wedding anniversary, thank you for this morning.......


flwrjane said...

I know. Actually I can give you 6. That's our time difference, right?

No time for flowers in your hair?

Miss Pickering said...

No time for flowers in my hair, but lots in other people's.

It is a trend that is taking off.

I'll take your 6 hours with glee.

Becca said...

You don't need 3 hours you need to let me work in your shop!! Help me escape the corporate monotony that is my life??
Is 28 too late to have a career change? I kept some supermarket herbs alive for months and the guardian says they'll be dead within a week. That's promising right?

Mrs B said...

Snap! I was up 'til half midnight last night attaching fabric, lace and ribbon to Kilner jars.
Your jar combination is beautiful xx

Valley Flower Company said...

Man, those "sorry I parked my boat on your lawn" bouquets are even popular here too. As well as sorry your kid got something stuck up his nose and Happy Super Belated Mothers Day. I feel you on the 3 hour thing.