Dinner chez Miss P.

Miss P. "I could listen to John Mayer all day long for ever and ever"

Him "I had noticed"

Miss P. "I think i might learn how to play the guitar"

Him "It's easier to date a guy in a band"

Miss P. "The gooseberries are just for show, they aren't ripe"

Him "You might have informed me earlier"

Miss P. "Am I a Barbara or a Margot?"

Him. "A Barbara - always"

Halcyon days.


Becca said...

I had frosted shreddies.
Guilt guilt guilt

MrsP said...

Dinner looks scrummy! Who is John Mayer??
Anyway long live all us Barbaras there aren't enough of us...Jx

Mother Hen said...

I guess that makes me Margot particularly if you substitute Ocado for Harrods as the Other Miss P always enquires as to when Christmas is being delivered!!! xxxx