Exciting times

A buttonhole from a wedding today, I will post the rest next week, it is very natural.

So this weekend you all have to go out and buy The Mail on Sunday, you only need the YOU magazine. That is the bit with The Hound and I in..."at home".

I do not live in a house that has ever seen an interior designer, nor do I own any fancy designer statement pieces, but apparently it has "a great personality" bear this in mind when you read.

This weekend also sees the launch of our new and improved Flower School. We are now offering full day courses, so that you can learn all that is floristry a la Miss P. There will be a whole new page on the website.

Later i will also give you a guest blogger. None other than the very wonderful Miss Emily Quinton. As you know she proposed to her beau last month and so is now a wedding professional turned to bride to be. She will tell you what she has learnt being on the other side of the consultation. Also if you didn't know she had proposed, where have you been? The photographs went worldwide.

Follow me on Twitter if you want a live reaction to me seeing the magazine images for the first time, about 8am on Sunday? Sarcasm people, sarcasm - please note the sarcasm.

Do you have plans for the weekend? Will it be sunny?



Concha said...

I think Saturday will be sunny, yes!

I'm definitely buying The Mail on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

flwrjane said...

Feeling very left out. Is there anyone over there who would send the magazine over here?

Can the hound bring it? Or your hairdresser mail it?


Miss Pickering said...

The Hound will bring you one when he comes for dinner on Sunday evening.

He is expecting sausages

and warm weather

and a pretty floral tablecentre.

Melanie said...

This is more an general comment than something about today's post (but I will get the Mail on Sunday!)...

I found your blog while searching for some flowers on Google to see what they looked like (it may have been "amnesia rose", shame on me!) I am a bride-to-be trying to find pictures of what she likes to send to her florist, who is abroad.

I realised today that you may like to know that many of these pictures are actually from this blog. Too bad I am getting in Canada and not in the UK!

Continue your great work and you enjoyable blog!

Flowerscentsbyamanda said...

Miss Pickering, please could you tell me what the name of the rose is that you have used in the buttonhole?

I look forward to reading the Mail on Sunday (as does Watson just to see his role model - The Hound).

Looking forward to seeing information on your workshops too.

Miss Pickering said...

Melanie, Thank you.
Have a fabulous wedding in Canada.

It is Quicksand - just beautiful

Becca said...

Flower school???!!! Omg omg omg omg
sign me UP

~My Fleur Journey~ said...

Same reaction as Becca! I am so checking ur class schedule before I book my flight to London next time. Miss P, looks like u ve fans from all over the world!