You're the devil in disguise

Were you privy to our drama this morning?

Did you see a red lipsticked blond running down the road with a lead but no dog?

Maybe you were driving a Fiesta that got undertaken on the pavement by a cream dog?

or perhaps you work on reception for a local company headquarters and wondered what said cream dog was doing in your foyer?

Maybe you were the maintenance man that said "Is he deaf love? he doesn't come when you call him."

Or perhaps a groundsman who came within 2 feet of him, only to watch him pirouette and high tail it across a field?

Maybe you were wondering why the shop opened late today?


Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

I was popping by to say I watched the first episode of Mary Portas and cringed in disbelief for a full hour. As you have had a Saluki recall morning, may I suggest significant treats for you and no eye contact with the devil for at least an hour.

Miss Pickering said...

The bakery woman was quite a character.....

At one point as he flashed past us all, a man said

"is he a greyhound"

To which i replied

"no he's a Saluki"

He actually did that sharp intake of breath thing that you see on the movies.

Marley and me - the sequel?

He is now in a marathon running induced coma.

flwrjane said...

Wow. You got your workout this morning didn't you?

Suggest a good dinner this evening. For you. Not somuch for the hound.

Tracy x said...

i feel for you my dear.. i truly do....
all folk owned by hounds have walked (and ran) in your shoes...
it is not good for the heart or for relations with the high tailing hound...
deep breathing today and a reward for all your early morning worry..

naughty hound
i shall be having words

t x

MrsP said...

No he's not deaf he's part saluki... the wind is whistling past his ears so fast he can't hear you- bad boy!

Becca said...

If Christopher Columbus hadn't have gone out of HIS way, we'd never have had brad pitt or Seven for all mankind jeans (baaaaad).
I think the hound is ahead of his time and should be rewarded for his courageous and brave behaviour.

Smith Archery Products, LLC said...

Just wanted to drop a line to say "thank you". Im sorry you had such drama, however... I got the laugh fo the century