The big box that has "photographs" written on it.

Pandora's box.

The Mother Hen, The Other Miss Pickering, and I.

A long time ago.

Mothering Sunday is April the 3rd.

I think we have our window.


flwrjane said...

Little Miss P., pre red lips and stilettos.

Still cute though.


kelly said...

is it wrong that i want to squeeze your knees in photo 3?! adorable! and you are the image of your mummy. i don't think there's anything better than rifling through old piccies...somehow it makes me sad that we're going to lose that down the line with digital. my grandparents had an absolute treasure of a tin marked photographs and we would lose hours and have the mascara streaming down our cheeks going through it.

the window is going to look fantastic! XxX

carwash babe said...

Gorgeous all of them, I would love to say you haven't changed a bit but you look so innocent in these...x I can hardly wait to see the window x You are always so inventive and clever that it is one of my treats to gaze in as I pass by x

Roseanna said...

i love old photos, they bring back such wonderful feelings :)

Urbanstems said...

Remember proper good old fashioned picnics ? ham or jam sandwiches, a million wasps after you. Pre Starbucks days!! Brill photos...Sinead

Mother Hen said...

What fun we had on Saturday evening trawling through some of these and also wondering where the remainder of the photographs are? Happy, happy memories of days when children were children and fun was always to be had in simple pleasures......and yes I was always the Queen of picnics, grand scale was de rigeur though, tablecloths and definitely no jam sandwiches allowed. Both Miss P's were to be seen in their perambulators with sticks of celery, batons of carrot and slivers of Edam xxx

Primchick said...

Blimey you had a 'yummy mummy..' before it became trendy.. :oP

Anonymous said...

Oh I love old family photos, regardless of whose family it is! These are fabulous x