Wire less

The wire that connects camera to laptop is on the kitchen table.

So instead

1. Funeral flowers
2. Jam jars
3. Me. It would appear i have always been almond of eye, and chubby of cheek.

You are going to get bored of my family photographs, but you should definitely tune in for Africa, the diplomatic years.

In the meantime, i have decided to have a proper fringe (bangs) a la Claudia Winkleman and i am even contemplating a colour change. Looking back through the old photographs, it seems my hair has been every shade known to man, i am not sure blonde is definitely for me.

Also if like me you have been wondering what The William Cecil is? No, just me? You were probably brave enough to ask, and not feign knowledge like me. Well done. If you didn't know, it is the new name for the hotel formerly known as The Lady Anne's. It is mid refurb. Their tag line is quirky luxury.....

A new wedding venue, much excitement.

Also this will be my last ever post, as i have just had an email from the Swiss lottery fund to say i have won 4 million euros.

The Hound and I are going to live here. Fear not, the vendors are taking the purple sofas with them.


Amanda said...

I was of blonde hair and changed to brown about a year and a half ago, had some chopped off and am obviously having some forty something crisis as want longer hair again.

I just want the bath and the view from that apartment. x

Mrs B said...

Love Claudia....will you also be wearing lots of black, and sporting short and very dark nails? She always wears fab shoes too but that's already a given.

When I go, I'd like the lilac and paperwhite number please.....if it's the right time of year obviously. So beautiful.

In reference to an earlier post.... how come nobody mentioned the Mother Hen's A-mazingly stylish outfit? Or did they all mistake her for Farrah Fawcett?

Also an answer to your earlier question....I often stumble across Mr Rimmer as he is one of my local celebrities. Don't think the others would be of interest...far too 'Madchester' for a mention on this pretty blog.

Photos of bangs pleeeease xxx

Primchick said...

Well... here goes then... speaking as a hairdresser... (yep thats wot me doze) wide chunky fringes are in, as are rich warm colours.. word to the wise tho.. don't do the dark all over thing, unless you have some v fine warm colours weaved into the colour as well...Not unless you wanna look like you have RUG on HEAD...
Hope it goes well... :oD

Anonymous said...

Tee hee. You always make me laugh, Miss P. And I always love your jam jar arrangements!

Also, YES, go with a Claudia style fringe. I've never looked back since I got mine!

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Loving the old snaps and cameras. Love Claudia, unsure about her fringe in the eyes. I'm sure an optician will tell you - very bad for your eyes...