Fay ce que voudras

Do what you will. Or anything goes....

It's all gentrified now, but HH used to be a den of debauchery.

As somebody that works with a lot of venues, one can't really have favourites, but....

If you are an English Rose, and want a small intimate wedding with amazing views and Michelin starred food, and the most helpful staff in the world, and a place that is frequented by Royalty, You might want to look at Hambleton Hall.

The wedding was mainly, mint, lemon balm, jasmine, rosemary, bronze fennel, sorbus, veronica, black elder, honeysuckle, hydrangea leaf, viburnum, Solomon's seal, sage, poppy heads and astilbe.

and Peony, ranucnculus, avalanche, majolica, allium, larkspur, freesia, hydrangea.

The scent was of another world.

If like me you don't have immeadiate plans to be married, just go for lunch. Lunch is better than dinner, more relaxed, and you can sit out on the terrace for hours drinking coffee and eating chocolates, and pretending like you live there.
HH are not paying me to say this, i really do love it.

If they did want to pay me, i wouldn't say no. Obvs. I could be like an ambassador, a live in one.

The Hound would love it.


flwrjane said...

Whoa sister, that is one gloriously beautiful wedding.

And I just wrote that before coffee.

You were not kidding about the cake.

The montage is a fitting homage.


Mrs T-J said...

Oh how beautifully, quintessentially English, you have (as ever) done an exquisite job Miss P. The staff must have also marvelled at your work and all those lovely scents would have delighted all.

hmmm its coming up for that Fay ce que voudras time of year for 3 blondes, a glass of bubble and a sunshine terrace me thinks? xxx

Mother Hen said...

Sublime flowers in that very special of settings, ditto your words on that venue xxx

Primchick said...

Blimey... haven't you got a fabulous job!!!! :oD

CLS said...

The flowers were absolutely perfect. Thank you so much Miss P!
The Bride x