A weekend of weddings, of assessing the full damage the cold winter or The Hound have done to the garden.

My heart is no longer bleeding, i am bereft. Just a patch of earth where once stood a huge plant, that was cut and used in countless weddings. The delphiniums are no more, but bronze fennel stands tall and proud, gently swaying in the wind and scenting the air with aniseed. I used a few pieces in a bridal bouquet, the rest was stuffed into trout and roasted.

I had meant to make baba ganoush, but it seems you cant buy tahini in Rutland. Instead the aubergines were roasted in cumin and zatar and lugs of oil. The aubergines soak up all the oil, which has health freaks running for the hills, but that is why they taste so good. I compromise by heating the oil in the oven first, it goes further. Then whilst still hot, squeeze over the juice of a lemon, fresh mint, and a crumbling of feta.

This morning my hair dryer burst into flames, terrifying. I have put it in the garden.

Also i have had enough of hayfever now, dosing oneself up with anti-histamine and inhalers is dull. I never used to suffer, i once sold a drug for hayfever, and thought anyone that had it was just a wimp. It's USP was that it was thixotropic,not a word have really used since, but quite good for scrabble.

and then a strange thing, i was reading a book and there was Bert. not literally, as it was only a paperback and not a comedy man sized book, but in black and white. Page 108.

This song has been on a loop all weekend.

How was your Bank holiday, did you condense it all into 1 day like us? Can it really be that the wedding was only last Friday?


Becky @ Sugar from Sunshine said...

The eggplants sounds yummy..oil and all:)

Becca said...

I didn't have just the one day. I had eleven. Which I think is worse because today came as such a shock.

Over my bank holiday I walked on the beach, walked in the country, saw baby lambs, drank champagne in le jardin, arranged an easter basket and had all around lovely times.

Getting up this morning was painful.

Princess and the Pea said...

Strangely, the same thing just happened to my hairdryer before I came and read this blog!

For the royal wedding I organised a wedding dress walk from the church where I got married to the hall where I had my reception followed by a big party in the hall - all to raise money for the Red Cross Japan Tsunami appeal. I raised over £1400!

It was a lovely weekend!

Mrs T-J said...

Rutland water trout, fennel, Acquilegas (defo spelt wrong!), I love your pictures Miss P.

I know it seems ages already in the wedding, I spent the whole day drifting in and out of a patriotic haze and bobbing up and down on a fluffy cloud of emotion. I blubbed unashamedly, more than on my own day, whats that all about? xxx

Libs said...

Hi Miss P - loving the blog as always. You might have heard Birdy's cover of Skinny Love already but thought I would share just in case ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNzCDt2eidg - its what I have on loop at the mo and it gives me chills every time, amazing. Lxx

Miss Pickering said...

That is an amazing song. I hadnt heard it before.