Striped top. Jeans. Red lipstick. Blonde hair.

The uniform requirements given to my entourage for the wedding at Claridges.

So that they all looked like me.

Except that they were taller.

They are also my sisters.

For one day only I was the boss of them.

It was brilliant.

More tomorrow.


Sue A said...

If I dye my hair, can I sweep up at Claridges next time? Gorgeous flahs.

flwrjane said...

Oh God I wore the blue striped shirt. Was that why you didn't recognize me?

I am blonde though....but shorter and way older.


xo jane

Mother Hen said...

Loving your new staff acquisitions and what a way to make them compliant

alison@thisbloominglife said...

If only my sister was so compliant - what bribery did you use?

Anonymous said...

Love this! Did they dye their hair for the occasion?

(also love the image of you all going out for lunch looking identical - made me chuckle!)

knighton flowers said...

that looked like a fun day!
saw you came to leicester the other week you should have popped in to say Hello tea,cake etc!.Next time.