Whenever, wherever

We're meant to be together
I'll be there and you'll be near
and that's the deal my dear.

Shakira shakira provided the soundtrack to this wedding.

Anyone who reads between the lines will know my love life is a tale of highs and lows. I seem completely unable to spot a scoundrel, and likewise fail quite often to see a Prince standing right in front of me.

But like a modern day Emma, I am brilliant at observing other peoples relationships.

I got the sense that this groom would go to the end of the world and back for his bride. Over hot coals.
A lot like The Captain, or Jake Humphrey.

You can't say that about every groom, but sometimes they are marrying a bridezilla.

This wedding was brought to you by the help of Angela, Mr F. and his heroics, and tortilla wraps.

also i love that you are all chatting amongst yourselves in the comments.

see you on the other side of Claridges.

Bon weekend

Also although Castle Ashby is a really big house, it is quite easy to lose.....


Anonymous said...

Miss P - correction please - Price? Or Prince?

Miss Pickering said...

Done, can you tell it is the wedding season?

although sometimes one does have to pay a price to get a prince.

Becca said...

Mine would walk over hot coals for me as I would him (not in good shoes though) and I freely admit to being a Bridezilla. I feel it's an overrated tag but I'm not one to put in 10% on anything so would rather have the tag and run with it. But I'm not a horrid Bridezilla. I just need something other than eating carbs (as I'm going to Marbs in my role as roving reporter) to fill my time. Now I'm back under his supervision I'll be less Bridezilla-ish. Promise.

Note hot coals but no comment despite my sending the link TWICE.

Castle Ashby is bootiful as are the arrangements.

How are the preparations for Claridges? Francesca, did they let you finish work? Is your dress hanging? Are you SO EXCITED that you do the mini dance of joy round and round in a circle when no one is looking? If you read these between manicure and pedicure have a fabulous day x x

Mrs B said...

oooh, Claridges. You lucky thing. You can go our for exciting treats once you've finished installing....unless of course you get to sneak into the reception.

Is it getting the full Miss P makeover or will you be reducing foliage intake?

Lovely buckets today xxx

SvenskaBlomsterbloggar said...

Claridges! It´s a quite nice place to work in... We did a photo shot there once and I dind´t complain at al ... :D Can´t wait for the pics!



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