All of the things we want each other to be

We never will be
And that's wonderful, and that's life.

This morning we have listened to the collected works of Nelly Furtado.

There is a new window display, all anglepoise lamps, cream gourds and inquisitive deer. We have eaten chicken, and become obsessed with food trucks.  I want a food truck.

and soup, I need your soup recipes. It is cold and blowy, so we will mainly be eating soup from now on. Heinz tomato isn't cutting it.

And one of our little gang has gone from girlfriend to fiancee. I couldn't be happier for them both.


A Pale July said...

roast butternut squash and red peppers. Blend. Best soup EVER, promise

Anonymous said...

Roast butternut squash and red peppers. Blend with some 'erbz, maybe add some creme fresh if you're feeling calories-y. BEST SOUP EVER, promise.

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P.

Soup ?

couple of large onions, 4 leeks, 2 potatoes chop, season Boil, Simmer, Blend Serve, eat Enjoy ,

Gosh I sound like Gordon Ramsey !!

Yours Mr H

stephen@scent said...

this food truck malarkey is spooky. i have never heard of the term but after recently spending an afternoon reminiscing with my parents my mum was saying how when she was young, she used to have so many different vans come round selling all manner of things - a meat van, fruit and veg, cakes and bread as well as the more familiar ice cream, milk and lemonade man. i was saying what a superb idea it would be to have a kind of mobile deli that would come around to the nicer parts of town of an evening or at the weekends selling cured meats, artisan breads, pastries and the like - i think it would be fabulous! what do you think miss p, are you in?!

SvenskaBlomsterbloggar said...

My favourite soup is harira, a morocan tomato soup. I use to double the recipe and freeze in portions. Good hot or cold, with meat or without!

You can just google harira ocr check this one:

Mammamsterdam said...

Italian lentilssoup is my most zen recipe. Take an Italian DOP lentils sort (small, brown compact) like Castelluccio, Santo Stefano or the other couple with the denomination.

Cook them 20 minutes with a garlic clove and a laurel leave. Add salt only at the end. (Now, if you ewere using a sort like the Blondes or similiar, they would be at this point all mashed, which is fine for soup, but not this one).

You add a few drops of the best extra-vergine olive oil you can find (from Umbra down, forget about Tuscan or Ligurian (no value for money and too bland), go for Abruzzo, Puglia or Sicily if you can. A DOP, if possible. Eat and enjoy. Cold or hot or lukewarm.

Variations: cook the last few minutes a tiny pasta sort, or broken spaghetti of 2 cm. lenghth. turn off heat before the pasta is completely al dente and let finished the cooking with the heat of the lentils.

Tou coulod also add (fresh) tomato block, with or without the pasta, always the 10 minutes before serving.

To this all or none of it except lentils, you can add crumbs of a good, seasoned Pecorino (not Romano, this is different), remembering that a seasone pecorino has been washen and cuddled with olive oil every couple of weeks of his riping, so that the crust is perfectly eatable.

You can repeat this all with chick peas, except that with them you season with rosemary and not laurel. Only they need to be put in water with a pinch of baking soda the day before and than coook veeeeeeeery long, better if with a pressure-pot.

Or you can repeat it with white cannellini beans or borlotti, without the garlic and herbs, but with a half onion and fennel seeds (fenel seeds are a good idea anyway with any sort of bean, neutralizes the gas attacks).

Dont' you dare to blend them, blending is for siisies, or so I am told. Good crusty toasted bread, better is a couple of days old, won't do any harm.

Mammamsterdam nèe Italian

Mammamsterdam said...

And I am a lentil-aficionada, that's why I still believe Harira is a lentil soup seasoned with tomatoes. But I might be wrong about this.

Kay said...

....slice a few leeks, saute in a little butter 'til soft add a little stock...whatever you have..throw in a bag of baby spinach..drink a few gulps of wine (or gin)...blitz with the hand held whirly thing..add seasoning, nutmeg a squeeze of lemon and a few spoons of creme fraiche..simple perfect lovely..xx

Jenny Rudd said...

I am en Angleterre. See you Friday x

The Missing Curtain said...

what beautiful things in your shop window!
Is it a furniture shop?

Finbar said...

Roast two red peppers, a yellow pepper, a sweet pepper, two chillis, a sweet potato, some garlic and half a red onion with salt, pepper, sugar and oil. Bung them in a big pot with some chilli powder, paprika and some vegetable stock and simmer until the veggies are soft. Wizz it with a wizzer and eat it with big chinks of bread. Yumma.

Just Jane Grace said...

Carrot Soup: 2 lbs carrots to 1 large onion. Chop onion, saute in olive oil till golden; add peeled and chopped carrots, cover with water. Cook till tender, add salt and pepper. Blend in blender till it's the consistency you want (can always add water if need be). Can flavor with a bit of wine, a little paprika perhaps, a dollop of sour cream or plain yogurt on top...freezes well, too. Easy and yummy
Have fun! Jane

Mrs Actually Happening Beard said...

The starfish are very lovely. I LOVE the deer. Although the delicious-looking chicken is winning at the moment due to too much champagne.

Champagne seemed to suddenly appear all over the place after The Proposal, it's been splendid!

Soup recipes to follow, do you like onion soup?