Press and primulas

Wedding magazine is out.

Lapelman gets his lapel in lights again thanks to Annabel's column, and Emily and Stef's wedding is featured. you know the one, the one with the tent, and the inappropriate clothing.

The one where Polly was on camera.

and in other news

There is mimosa.
In a completely unscientific survey where n=1 i propose that people that carry Versace handbags are ill-mannered.
I just met with the loveliest of brides.
I am very much liking this blog.

You can expect a shake up of the blogroll this weekend.


Becca said...


I await your email with bated breath. Its going to be a long day. Some attachments of men in tweed wouldn't go amiss either.


Mrs T-J said...

Right, I really must get your autograph and the hounds paw print before I go! xxx