Quattro stagioni

The pizza, I'm not making a statement about the  flowers.

The mint was reduced in Tesco's, nice little addition, i think you are supposed to add it to your lamb dishes rather than table centres, i couldn't stop myself, along with freesia, paper white, rosemary and myrtle, the scent is amazing.

I'm not sure how many other florists would chance upon several packets of mint and decide to use it, but it will be an unexpected surprise for the guests.

All part of the service.


Mrs B said...

You're in good company. What the garden won't provide, the little corner shop will

Becca said...

Scrapbook shot. I love these. I know I can't get anemones in June but I trust you to find something equally amazing. Also, the smell of mint is one of my all time favourite smells EVER.

Jo Malone "White Jasmine and Mint" is divine. Not loving their "peony and moss" so much.

cara said...