The day The Queen came to town

Just outside the shop, away from the crowds.

People as excited to see the Red Arrows, they have a very special place in the hearts of Stamfordians.

Although clearly standing in town is the not the best vantage point.

and then the outriders

and then The Queen

at quite a speed

she wore aqua

and there she was gone

and the smallest child bedecked in red, white and blue, burst into tears

"I want to see another Queen"


cara said...

Who *is* this tiny blonde sidekick of yours? I think I like her.

Miss Pickering said...

I don't know, I rent her by the hour from a social media marketing company. A study showed that beautiful children are great for generating blog traffic.

or she is one of my goddaughters


that wink thing made out of punctuation that i can't do.

Becca said...

Was Kate there? Anyone else think her dress was loose fitting? I HATE myself for the whole "she must be pregnant" thing but I think...if I can't (and I'm her best friend) then who can".

The queen's outfit was by SP. I met him and I was wearing massive big pants to my boobs that had rolled down. I thought "I bet the HRH doesn't have to deal with this crap".

Mrs B said...

I've met Mr Parvin too Becca....he was pointing at my bust and poked it by mistake. I asked him if the Queen had to deal with that......apparently not.

The small child reminds me very much of the small child I sometimes hire Miss P. Adorable.

Also, after Becca's comment, I feel it fitting to announce that there is at least one bun in the oven I'm certain of ; )

Becca said...

Mrs B - Someone I work with was at school with someone whose ex boyfriend's sister's best friend is friends with Pippa and she has been pregnant for the last year. Appararently. So it MUST be true.

Where did you find out your information?

Also...are you having/did you have an SP and would you recommend?

Becca is an idiot said...

Hang on...Earth to Becca...Mrs B do you mean YOU?


last day of may said...

go kirsty!!

how exciting. i can see how little miss was overwhelmed. elsa has queen fever too. she can pick her out anywhere. mostly on the telly though. we haven't had a royal drive by in the fens.

love her in that colour. x

Mrs B said...

Yep, I did have an SP - 4 yrs ago now but loved it, still do, wish I could wear it every day.


Simon said...

You're finally starting to get the hang of that camera.