Lately, and no in particular order


Eye patches 3
Pots of Copydex 1
Number of times sniffed pot of Copydex too many
Bottles of wine 1
Shots of Espresso 31,400
Boden dresses worn 0
Nutty wholefood salads from M&S 6
Inches cut off hair 2
Times watched Olympic Opening ceremony all the way through 2
Hours spent watching 'lympics lots
especially the male swimming events.....
and the sailing
Churches 3
Times cried 4
Times giggled numerous
Times contemplated stopping blogging a few
Photographs taken of The Hound 39
Invitations to parties declined 3
Invitations to parties involving Freddie Flintoff declined 1
Flower of the moment digitalis

Number of private jokes in this post 1

How the devil are you all?


I like your lips like I like my coca-cola

how it pops and fizzes.

 Diet Coke obvs.

This is Danielle and Adam, the consultation went a bit like this.

Danielle "Please will you do my wedding flowers, whatever you think really sort of pink and coral"

Miss P. "Yes please"

Danielle "Do you happen to know any wedding photographers?"

Miss P. " You should speak to Tori. you know, the one with the blog, wore a headress that day."

and that's how it happens.

Photographs by Tori Hancock, more of the wedding ici.

You could get married too, I'll do the flowers, Tori can take the pictures and Danielle can do the styling. That's not what she does, but she should.

Also, it's too hot today, hotter than the Sahara apparently. This is England. We don't do hotter than the Sahara, we have pale complexions and freckles and no camels.


Night swimming

deserves a quiet night


I have rediscovered the joys of a swim, especially at night time with the lights.

I am practising for when i relocate to the Somalian Coast, when I'mma steal all the gold.

and new business cards

and a rose called Secret Garden

because my surprise is a VIP ticket for Sunday yes?  x

I don't know that i like the rose,the colour isn't quite right, but it is the size of a tennis ball,

Next week there are things involving tree trunks and enoki mushrooms and Freddie Flintoff.

and according to all sources, tomorrow we will be singing this. 

Yes please.


dos gardenias

Actually it's tres, but Buena Vista social club didn't write that song.

They are mini gardenias, an idea for teachers' presents.

Teachers' presents are a thing in this country now too.

The old terracotta gives extra lifestyle points.

Gardenias are sometimes used in weddings, probably better to wire them, otherwise the bride will look like she walked down the aisle clutching a pot plant.

wtf  question mark exclamation mark

and i have found somewhere to buy a parrot, I like the look of the Macaw in large. something traditionally piratey.

shiver your timbers





We aren't exactly having the best summer are we?

Still, it gives us something to talk about. There is no knowing whether it will be monsooning or bright sunshine. Planning of any sort has gone out of the window, we are becoming a spontaneous nation.

We might start out roasting a shoulder of lamb and thinking about roast potatoes and cauliflower cheese, but after a slow roasting we serve it in pitta Greek kebab style.

If you saw the title, and were expecting me to show off my highly out of season ranunculus, then you made the assumption that I would remember the cable that links camera to laptop.

We'll stir up that hornet's nest another time.

Also that photo of the lemon and the anchovies is the worst ever, but if i didn't include it i would have to write out a long recipe of ingredients, and we'd all be bored. So just pretend the focus point isn't where it is, and that it's shot from above with a French linen tea towel tucked underneath.


1 bunch 10 vases

A Ronseal post.

Hollyhock, peony, amethyst astilbe (where have you been all my life?), crocosmia, sage, poppy head, Vuvuzela rose, eremurus, asclepia.

In 10 different style vases.

We are using the term "vase" loosely in this post.

It's not Pop Idol

but you can vote for your favourite if you like.

Lines close tomorrow.


dolce far niente

After Christmas, everybody blogged about how lovely it was to have a digital detox, to just be, to eat a meal without photographing it first, to live in the real world instead of a virtual one.

6 months on, we all forgot, and the tweets that shout

"I'm sooooooo busy" "I'm working on a the most amazing wedding ever #dontlookatme" "I'm so creative"

followed by 27 exclamation points continue.

an endless need to let everybody we are working through the night because we are SO successful.

"Doesn't it just show that they are bad at time management and don't have a life?" said a man.

I could have kissed him, actually I did.

sometimes a weekend of doing absolutely nothing is the best medicine.

I still have a patch, a black one, more bond villain than pirate if you please.

and people that watched the Olympic torch relay, did you have the grandmas on shopping trolleys too?dancing to Mark Morrison? They were the best bit.

also the film suggestions were brilliant, a start has been made. Paris when it sizzles was first up.