computer says no

I have a new computer

 a Mac
i joined the dark side / the cool kids depending on your point of view.

I can't find any of my photos that i just loaded onto it, and the display is so contrasty it looks like everything is in HDR. How do i change the contrast (not the brightness)

It is freaking me out.

There may be a blogging hiatus whilst i fish my old pc out of the bin.

I have however changed the display image.



On splendour and inspiration

Last week I was chatting with a customer and lamenting the lack of splendour in the wedding world.

It is a world currently under the spell of "DIY" "budget" and "pom-pom" and "standing in fields"

which is wonderful if that's your thing, and you're not a cold and grumpy supplier wearing 3 thermal tops and uggs, and longing for a bit of glamour and who hates pinterest.

an hour later she returned with this book.

Actual tiaras, so very many of them, and so very many of them drawing inspiration from nature.

and so the cycle completes itself, as i take inspiration from these and swap the diamonds for flowers.

I am a woman on a mission.



a much maligned colour except at Easter

it is Easter this weekend apparently only it feels more like the depths of winter

I am over being cold, and wearing all the clothes, and chilblains and the garden being under a foot of snow.

When will it ever be warm again?

This is an actual question to anybody with knowledge and access to large weather charts.


'cause if you liked it

then you shoulda put a bulb in it.

Sometimes to justify keeping stuff you have to find another use for it.

You can fill anything with bulbs, except vintage dresses that you've never worn because they don't suit you, and are too big anyway
they really do need to go to the charity shop.

This weekend The Sunday Times voted this town the best place to live in all of Britain.

perhaps they too have heard of the presence of the machine you stand on and walk away with thighs of steel like Beyonce. 

I'll report back.


We were running with the night

playing in the shadows

Frits, about to go over

How are we all?

Long time no speak.


let sleeping dogs lie

heaven forbid they should do anything to help....

Last night, whilst writing out the message cards for Mothering Sunday, we watched this.

When you deal in pretty things, you need a balance

otherwise you have a very skewed view of the world.

Do you find that?

or is your balance all the pretty?


In the shop

ALL the pretty things

Mothering Sunday is this Sunday.

We are delivering locally on the day.

The flowers are so so beautiful this week, and the scent beguiling.

If you're looking for hand-tied bouquets, potted bulbs,outdoor planters,or arrangements in old vases.

I'm your girl.


Floral coalition flower school

Tickets go on sale Sunday evening you can make purchase here.

20th May. You are getting 2 whole florists, myself and Lotte and peonies.


Tartan skirts, a string of pearls and a nice jumper from Edinburgh Woollen Mill are de rigeur.