A party atmosphere

Small children with pocket money, dogs off leads, cups of coffee, census chat, and a BBC film crew.

It is all go here, thankfully the calm and serene scent of the narcissus and the elegance of a Webber tulip are keeping me sane, as is this song.

Vegetable chips are providing nourishment, although i only the sweet potato ones. Parsnips are on the list of food of the devil.

A stolen piece of pear blossom.

As Mothering Sunday gets closer, blogging will get odder, and then next week we are closed, en vacances, because of the fair, and that incident with The Hound and the candy floss machine.

The party continues at the shop until then, come on down. The price is right.

Reports that i abandoned the shop, and the customers therein to chase after the television cameras, are not completely unfounded.

According to sources on Twitter it is National Cleavage Day. How did i not get this memo?


A short play

Scene set in a bedroom 2.20a.m.

A blond sleeps on sheets of Egyptian cotton, then the darkness is disturbed by the faint light of an i-phone screen, and a tap on the shoulder.

The Hound: According to my Twitter feed, Jennifer Garner has been chosen to play Miss Marple.It is a disaster.

Miss P. Pardon? Do you know what time it is?

The Hound: Yes it is 2.20am, it says so on my i-phone.

Miss P. Why is this important now?

The Hound: She is an American, It is like Renee Zwellger in Bridget Jones, and Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice all over again.

Miss P. I thought Renee was perfect as Bridget Jones, and Keira Knightley is British.

The Hound: But it's Miss Marple!

Miss P. I am inclined to agree with you on this point. Joan Hickson forever.


The post title is purely for Cityboy1. Proof that i can type 8 numbers accurately. I know yesterday it took 3 attempts, but i blame the black screen. You know full well i don't do black screens.

So how was the weeekend? Did you regardez the Grand Prix? It wasn't the most exciting of races, but it was a good opportuntiy to get to grips with all the new drivers, and the tyres and the KERS and the DRS, and Mr Hamilton came second.

1. I have violas everywhere  the garden, i haven't the heart to pull them up.
2. My new food addiction, you can see how eager i was to break into the packaging.
3. Storage jars and crochet.
4. Plants for Mothers Day.

Also the clocks changed here, thoughts turn to summer clothing. Are we doing floral tea dresses with slutty necklines and cardigans again this year? Intermingled with capri pants and striped tops? I hope so, because that is all i have.

and then the census forms, what is your occupation? briefly describe your general activities?

I really wish i could have written Real Housewife of Orange County. Buying diamonds, having botox, fake boobs and drinking wine. I love that programme, and those that are tutting because you only watch BBC4 - get over yourselves.

The Hound is getting all high horsey again.

488 bonus points if you know what the 8 numbers are.


How to make fancy buttonholes

Today i am guest blogging on LoveMyDress. Such fun!

A how to, fancy buttonholes are today's topic. The ones that you see on the blogs, the blogs where they all get married outside in fields, and nobody wears tails.

Go now.

Thank you again to the boy who lent me his lapel


Thank you boys


The one that stuck it on the front row this morning, and that one that didn't even make it to Q3. Glee.

The one that brought me a coffee.

The one that changed the light bulb in the shop, (although could you come back, because another one has just gone)

The one that called to check i wasn't still in a cupboard.

and to the one that said "What is the name of this plant?" allowing me to answer "Mind Your own Business"

It gets me every time. He eventually saw the funny side.

I love my customers. A lot.


Mothering Sunday April 3rd 2011

Trophies filled with rosebuds, pails of Spring, vintage jugs filled with colour, vintage bowls filled with bulbs.

The shop is bursting with ideas to say thank you to your very own Mother Hen.

Next week we will be open everyday including Monday. The Hound is overjoyed at this news.

 and as every year we will be open and delivering on the day itself.

Call us on 01780 482961 to place your order.

We also have a lovely selection of greetings cards, vintage paraphernalia, and the odd china dog.

Today i had another iced coffee, am wearing my butterfly and bug top, finalised the photographs for a great how to, coming up on Monday, and fell in love with Paris. Again.

Bon weekend my darlings, don't forget to watch the Grand Prix.


Spring fever

I have it bad. I am giddy. Anyone would think I had never seen the sunshine, ever. I am sun drunk, and loving it.

Colour combinations seem more amazing than ever, I have taken to wearing a floral headscarf and this morning i made purchase of an iced coffee.The other patrons of the coffee shop were not sun drunk, and didn't get my enthusiam for iced coffee. I shot one grumpy a lady a look that said.

"If you think this is excitable, you should see me at Disneyland"

She avoided my eye contact. Sensible.

The iced coffee comes in a clear pot, which means you can see the milk, double edged sword. I have a thing about milk,I like it I just don't like to see it.

I also had a call from Mr Naylor, who said he was going to go in search of his blogging mojo. We await. He also said he is going to buy a WAP phone today, so he might be more interesting to follow on Twitter....

Are you sundrunk? Or is it the excitement that tomorrow is the first Friday practice of the season? Or have you been watching the interviews on youtube as well? It's like a whole other language.

Carry on up the river.

Also today i need a man in suit, just for 2 minutes. Could you oblige? It needs to be dark, or pale, nothing in a mid grey, with pin stripes.

Merci beaucoup.

POST EDIT: An unsuspecting man in a suit has just arrived. Speedy.



I promise today's post will be calmer. I realise yesterday's was a little manic, too many links, too many private jokes....

Instead I bring you flowers, in a bath, in a old tin. Twee, and the information that i am trialing a new red lipstick that makes claims of being kiss and smudgeproof. I will make a full report next week. so far so good.

I will admit that after writing yesterday's post, I crashed and burned. My head slumped over the workbench, and the realisiation that I am no longer 24. Damn.

During this time a lady came in bearing a small box.She told me to look inside, cautiously i did. To find a pile of cards with my handwriting on them. They were the cards that accompanied all the bouquets of flowers her husband sends her, she keeps them all.

Happy Birthday, I love you, Thank you for our first child, that sort of thing.

I tried very hard to fight back a tear, because sometimes you forget the reason people send flowers, and how touched someone is to receive them.

I also noted that sometimes my handwriting is shockingly bad.


Double delivery

The pictures have nothing to do with the tale i am about to recount. They are proof that even in a seemingly empty fridge, there is always something to make a meal from. If in doubt chargrill everything, that way nobody will know that the Halloumi cheese was BB June '10.

Yesterday i took a train bound for London, and met the The Florist by the Sea. she brought a long a friend, who has now also become my best friend, and will be the bridesmaid at my wedding* Wearing midnight blue, vintage obviously, little miss seaside is wearing eau de nil.

We lunched, we had wine, we headed towards The Luella's evening, and got sidetracked by Jamie Astons shop, all candelabra and Pepita roses. Then we tried again and got sidetracked by a bar.

We finally made it, and behold what wondrous things. Emily was there, with baby Max, i finally met Helen from Cutture, whose work is mind blowing, naturally The Beautiful People were there with their i-pad. It is only the 2nd time in my life i have seen an i-pad. I was mesmerised. I want one.

There was a fashion show, which completely passed me by, ivory dresses not really my thing, but we did spend a lot of time looking at bridesmaids dresses. Some were vintage, others not, but all beautiful.

Then much later, while you were sleeping, we talked of Harold and Maude, and Phil Tuffnel, and watched Cabaret - where my name came from.

The moral of the story, always pack flat shoes for the walk home from the station, avoid men bearing a bottle of red wine and plastic cups, and think twice before committing to the possibility of a double delivery.

*Please note i am not actually getting married, but with new friends, a bottle of wine, and a wedding fayre - anything seems possible.


The big white elephant in the room

The thing everyone is too embarrassed to bring up.

The turquoise dresser, and it's residencey in the sitting room. The one that was in the kitchen, before I swapped it for the bookcases.

It is usefully holding some interesting artefacts, but there is no escaping the fact that it is colourful.

I have taken to postioning my very stylish Punch print between the dreser and an armchair, see gold and turquise works..... admittedly the Spanish sewing machine probably needs to go. Anyone?

Did you have a good weekend? We danced with the devil under the pale moonlight.

23.5 bonus points if you can name the film.

We also discovered that last year was not a fluke. Even dripping in Truffle butter, he can't get enough.


Let the sunshine

Let the sunshine
Let the sun shine baby
Let it all go
Let it all go baby
Let the sun shine
Let the sun shine baby
Let it all go
Let it all go baby

and it has, and oh the joy. Brilliant sunshine over this green and pleasant land, everybody has a smile on their faces, and mischief is high on the list of priorities.

I have had this song on repeat all day, and i mean all day. It is my new anthem.I suspect it maybe for a long time. You need to play it very loudly, it is a little chav, but i think that is fine. One can't listen to Radio 4 all day.

The sunshine has made me buy sweetpeas, and the cameras are breeding.....

It is also only 7 days until the first Grand prix of the season, I am giddy with excitement.

May your weekend be filled with long lingering kisses and the last rolo.


Edge of desire

We have borage in the shop. It opens out into the prettiest vivid blue flower, but for now it is in bud, just a few flowers open as a tease, the anticipation of what is to come. Just on the edge of desire. Dovetailing.
Stamford has started to blossom, this tree is in a churchyard, by the door, imagine if you were getting married there today, a light gust of wind and you would have the most delicate confetti.

and some buttonholes, destined for somewhere else on the Internets.

It has been a John Mayer sort of day, and i am going to a photo booth to get a new passport photograph. I am resisting the urge to take a fake moustache, signs, and a panama hat.

Today i left my Blackberry at home. I have been without it for 7 hours. I didn't think that was possible.

Also i have made purchase of fancy ham from the Spanish Man. It is far far out of the reach of The Hound.

and oh my goodness, i want to live in this photograph.



I know I can be a good good girl

but I've been bad before.

Sometimes i know the lyrics to songs i have never heard. That's because the alarm goes off at 5.30am playing the radio. Sometimes i get up, and other times go back to sleep. It must be osmosis, a bit like when you listened to French on your Walkman the night before your GCSE.

Anyway this post is not about Alexis Jordan, but about colourways. Or more likely about the wretched Amnesia roses. My inbox has been filled with florists getting all cross with me, about my comments. Which i wrote about ages ago, do keep up ladies.

The content of these emails is: Don't keep slating amnesia roses. Who the hell do you think you are?


So instead a new colourway for you all to get your knickers in a twist over.

Blue and peach and yellow.

Amnesia is dead to me.

Also to the man who rang to place an order, and then rang back to say "you could make some money out of that sexy voice of yours"


you might mistake me for a heartbreaker, because there's blood on the floor, but i know i can be a good good girl.


All the boys think she's a spy

She's got Bette Davis eyes.

First song I heard this morning.

Les local outdoor daffodils sont arrivees. Big yellow doubles and small multiheaded scented, and what scent. Heavenly.

We have a lot of scabiosa seed heads, and some hydrangea.

I am mixing them up, not just photographing them. Pictures tomorrow.

Last night I went to eat food with a man. A man I found to be utterly fascinating. I painted my nails and everything.


What a difference a day makes

24 little hours.
I am going with Rod Stewart's version.

Yesterday i wore high heels, and big sunglasses, and took my fringe out for lunch.

Today the mists have rolled in, and I hate my fringe. Curly hair and a fringe is high maintenance. And i don't do high maintenance.

Certain people have just spat their coffee out at that statement.
Whatever. Thank you for returning my sister in one piece.

Thus far today, i have a curly fringe, broken 2 vases, had an awkward conversation with a customer, and fallen out with the postman. The Hound looks on with a knowing smile "I told you we should have stayed in bed today"

But if we had, we wouldn't have ranunculus. All florists are banging on about them i know, but we are fickle creatures, next week there will be something else, but i am not ready for peonies.

Nor would we have just discovered this blog has been listed somewhere most extraordinary, in the company of people i admire a lot. My comments about Amnesia Roses are forever in print.

Nor would i be able to say, are you coming to Luella's? We shall be there on Monday evening. Join?

Whilst we are having a little chat, people keep asking questions, and i keep forgetting to answer them. So
No, yes, I'm sorry i haven't a clue, Rutland museum shop, Why would you want silk ones?, definitely, I'm not that sort of girl.

Select whichever answer you like.


p.s. I am still very very much in love with Raymond Blanc.