hashtag british flowers

Yesterday was spent Chez Naylor.

You'll remember Mr Naylor from that time we filled the shop with this delphinium in an attempt to show people what seasonal and local actually meant.

and people wanted lilies.

oh how we laughed cried.

he also grows sweet williams and peonies and alliums, and daffodils.

Of course this was years ago, and talk of british flowers has become de rigeur, and very trendy.

Personally i don't have the patience, or the time, i'd rather concentrate on arranging them and let the experts grow them.

But I am one of the most impatient people you will ever meet and I didn't get into floristry to wait 7 years for a peony to yield 10 stems,

i got into it for the instant gratification.


On quitting sugar

4 weeks on - I have still quit the sugar.
It's the latest thing in nutrition, sugar is the root of all evil now.

but it depends on who you listen to on what is allowed and what isn't.

I have decided to be team Sarah Wilson, one because i like her hair, and secondly because Dr Ian Maber seems to think the same things she does, and when i lived in London i used to see him a lot and he seems a genuinely nice man.


No sugar, honey, agave, banana, fruits other than berries, but you are allowed the odd slice of sourdough and the fat from a pork chop.

I have so much energy which is just as well given we are about to embark on all the weddings.

and i haven't craved a cream slice at all, mainly because the internets are full of recipes for sweet treats that are sugar free.

Admittedly you need to become friends with your local health food shop to make them, and be a big fan of coconut, nuts and seeds and have a good food processor. The above cake i made for TOMP's birthday, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free all the hashtags. It's from the merrymaker sisters, i swapped the honey for organic rice malt syrup.

A lot of the sugar free brigade seem to be Australian, perhaps because the weather is nicer, and they all leap about in short shorts? It does mean that all the recipe measurements are in cups, so make sure you have a set.

and because people will email saying

"loved the post, what is that rose called I'm getting married next year and it just matches my colour scheme perfectly"


"where did you get those ombre birthday candles?"

Bombastic and they are just sun faded Chanukka candles.


Keep me searching for a heart of gold

Neil Young

I am one of those people that can listen to a song over and over and over again.

For days.

Its annoying for les autres.

But tied in nicely with today's wedding.

and i would really like to learn how to play the harmonica.

and contrary to the rumour in town, I am not engaged

so you can stop staring at my left hand, or my right one for that matter.

florists' hands are not pretty.

nothing to see