Spring weddings are such wonderful affairs. This weekend we undertook two, both very different. Burghley House provided the perfect backdrop for local daffodils and pussy willow. Table centres of planted tete a tetes were balanced with tall glass vases of pussy willow. The Great Hall is a stunning wood panelled room and the vibrant colour brightened up what was a grey day.

The church flowers were a mix of cut and potted narcissus, and needed to be moved to Burghley before the bridal party arrived. Loading all the flowers into the van and whizzing through the Bottle Lodges to install them, thankfully we got there before the bride - helped in part by the fact that she walked from the church.

The other wedding was at Thorney Abbey, scented posies tied to the pews with satin ribbon were taken off and used as chair backs at Orton Hall. Table centres of Cala lillies, steel grass and feathers matched the bridal bouquet. The weather was unseasonally glorious, and once again moving the flowers from the church to the venue was a race against time - we just made it!


This weekend was such a treat, post Mothers Day and before the wedding season starts - a weekend off. A chance to spend time in London with friends; an invitation to a ball on Friday night was a marvellous opportunity for some dancing! The flowers on the 53 tables were a mix of goldfish bowls filled with seasonal tulips and kenyan roses, and tall trumpet vases filled with an exotic mix of palms, gerbera, and lillies.

Saturday brought a trip to Borough Market, fabulous producers and growers selling their wares direct to eager foodies. It was pleasing to see that a high percentage of the producers were all based around the Stamford area. It seems our food producers are not only excellent at what they do, but also know how to market their product. My hope is that we can do the same for our local flower growers.

The early hours of Monday morning and New Covent Garden beckons! With two large weddings this week, a chance to go mad, beautiful Narcissus for the wedding at Burghley. Camelia branches, blu curiosa roses, mimi eden spray roses and pretty ranunculus. Armed with a bacon sandwich, the journey back is always very quick. Driving upto the shop at 6am, it was wonderful to see that Jo had redone the window. White, yellow and silver is the order of the day, so fresh and stylish.


Mothering Sunday

The shop was brimming with wonderful spring flowers, locally grown tulips and daffodils, delicate anenomes and ranunculus. The heady scent of hyacinth and paper whites was delicious. Mothering Sunday is one of our favourite occasions, and also one of the busiest. With it being so early this year, the phone was ringing off the hook on Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning,with last minute orders. Thanks to a late afternoon round of Gin and Tonics we spurred on to ensure all requests were met. Huge thanks to my Mummy and Sister for delivering them all on Sunday morning.