Hashtag BTS

Friday was the You magazine Christmas shoot.

We took over most of the street, commandeering fireplaces and doors.

Banging nails into things

all in the spirit of editorial.

It really was a fascinating day, i love watching other creatives at work, the lingo of other industries, page sizes/ lens types, what hashtag bts means on the instagram (behind the scenes)

The photographer was Brent Darby, with his assistant Kristy. When most photographers come they bring out ALL the lights and the pictures look yellow, but Brent went with what natural light was available and used a very slow shutter speed, (5d mkiii) and for that fact alone, he is at the top of my favourite photographers to work with list. Plus he made having my picture taken relatively painless.

From the magazine, Clare Nolan and her assistant Nicole, who were just the loveliest people, full of ideas and a joy to have in the shop.

The Hound performed terribly well for once.

It's going into the 1st December issue of the You magazine (Mail on Sunday)

The new signage in the shop by Dani, there is more, you will see on the 1st.

and more of what we made and more behind the scenes and all that shizzle.



of blue, which has been the most refreshing change after the wedding season
and the beginning of Christmas, (first wreath of the year always takes a few to get your hand in)

Not pictured is the moment i slipped yesterday, went up in the air and fell hard, that bit between knowing you are going to fall and actually landing seems like a lifetime.

also not pictured is the moment when i got home and everything seized up and i couldn't get out of the bath and wondered if i was going to die and be eaten by alsatians. (name that film)

I chose gin.

This week Christmas is coming early as we have a magazine coming to photograph us. I am hoping by then the bruising will have subsided and the limp less obvious.

The Hound's presence was requested, he is still finishing his rider.


Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?

On Monday Mrs Beard and I went to the antiques fair in Lincoln.

The Hound came too, on account of me having him left him behind when i went to London at the weekend, and i felt guilty doing it again. He spent much of the day trying to goad various bits of taxidermy and china lions into playing with him, so that was nice.

The fair is at the show ground, full of all the things you never knew you needed, and a few that you did. There are plenty of stands selling farrow and ball (esque) painted furniture on sisal flooring, accessorised with some white geraniums in a rusty bucket, but the weird shit makes for better photographs.

If you need a sledge, this is the place to go, everybody was selling sledges, everybody. Have All Saints done a sledge window? Do you remember when they took over the lovely antique centre at the bottom end of Portobello, and filled the window with Singer sewing machines? and all the people wanted them, and the market price of a Singer sewing machine soared to £38.00. On Monday they were being sold for £15.00. The fickle world of decoratives.

There was one stand that had really lovely pieces, and if I'm being honest here, quite a lovely man selling them. If you happen to be in Harrogate, his shop is worth a visit.

I didn't buy Mr Blobby, i was tempted by the deer....



and the like.

working late and watching a lot of vintage Justin Timberlake videos on Youtube.
no I don't know why either, it's not one of those secret message links.
maybe to make me feel better after a number of fruit preserving disasters?
this should be a post about pear, apple and sage jelly.....
Rock. Hard.