Still crazy after all these years

Yesterday Mr F and I escaped for the day. I always think a day off in the week is delightfully decadent.

I'm easily pleased.

Prize winning sheep
The Red Arrows
Wood fired pizza from the back of a horse box
and a cathedral

Paul Simon played on the radio on the way home.

all pictures taken on the iPhone. Its still a low hit rate with the phone.


This will be the day

That you will hear me say
that i will never run away
I am here for you
Love is meant for two

This wedding was brought to you by Prince and too many bags of kettle chips.

There are tales to tell, but not enough time presently to tell them, there was so so much beauty.

The ever wonderful Tori Hancock was on camera, thank you to her for the above image. It made me cry.

In other news today is the 2 year anniversary of Stef and Emily with those amazing photos by Polly. Congratulations!

I get to see Polly again this weekend. This weekend is Becca's wedding, yes that Becca, 3 years in the planning. No pressure.


Lately and in no particular order

Espresso shots: 127
Diet cokes: 27
Number of Miss Pickerings it took to do one of the weddings: 2
Times i thought The Hound was on deaths door: 4
Times he disproved this by digging massive holes in the garden and generally being puppy like: 7
Flowergirls I wanted to steal: 2
Vases acquired for clients: 9
Fashion crises: 3
Emails to reply to after being offline: too many
Points scored by McLaren in the Canadian Grand Prix: 0
Brilliant videos found on youtube: 1
Magazines and books bought: 4
Magazines and books read: 0
Carbohydrate comas caused by eating all the garlic bread in the world: 1


Town and county

A Sunday at the Rutland show, a Monday in the city of Nottingham.

Sunshine on both days.

and for a while yet apparently, fingers crossed for the June weddings.

Also a lot of these pictures were taken with my iPhone, since getting it the DSLR has taken a back seat.

Does anybody else find this?