How to: leaf bouquet

I used 4 different varieties of Heuchera,

snipped away at the plants

Grouped together randomly, and tied with string as high as possible.

Add ribbon.

I used 56 leaves.

Simplicity is aided by gluttony.

You could perhaps do the same if you had a nice collection of geraniums.


Look up at the stars and not down at your feet

Be curious.

Stephen Hawkings, and then Sir Ian McKellen as Prospero, and then Seb Coe, "Welcome home to the Paralympic games" and then Nicola Miles-Wadden,

"O how beauteous mankind is"

and the spectacle.

Buy shares in Kleenex now.

Sir Ian McKellen has one of those voices. I could listen to it for hours, just reading the phone book. Once at school, we went to The Young Vic, he played Iago, Willard White as Othello, and Imogen Stubbs as Desdemona, Shakespeare done well is mind blowing, bloody atrocious if done badly though. On this occasion, mind blowing.

"Welcome home" are two words that instantly make me well up, like when the plane lands and the Captain says "If this is your return journey, welcome home"

It's fair to say i am very emotional at the moment, it's the lack of bread, 36 hours in, I haven't lost any weight and my eye is still ******. I want my money back, or a gin.

So instead of emotional rambles, I will tell you that the orange dahlia is Sylvia, I also love the pink one, because it is pretty and because it is called Balls of whizz.

I might like a ball of whizz.

also seeing as how you were all taken with Matthew's products, here is his brother Chris.

and the season is a changing, it's turning to autumn, which was the actual point of the post.

and it is a rose masquerading itself as a hydrangea, cut from my garden, no idea what it is, £2 off the market about 3 years ago.


Leaving on a jet plane

Flowers for a party, please note inclusion of gliders and biplanes for post prandial frolics.

Got to love a man that gives good stationery. If you click you will want all the things.

and it turns out that you can use Matzo meal as a stuffing for les poussins.

Add pine nuts, chopped fig, herbs, tahini an egg to bind et voila. Stuff their little bellies, and sit them on  a bed of any leftover. That way the sticky bits in the tin will be amazing.

This recipe was brought to you before an eye doctor told me to not eat carb, sugar or alcohol.

People have said, look on the bright side, you might be one-eyed, but at least you will be THIN.

Also i am looking up the name of the dahlias, and will report back.


Right beside you

I'll be
Right beside you

Sophie B. Hawkins, memories of Chelsea in the 90's and the only song that my i-pod wants to play as an alarm.

Also quite apt for a wedding.

I could tell you that the venue was lovely
that i forgot to photograph the bouquets so i have been hitting the refresh button on Nick Tucker's blog approxiamtely 50 times a day.
or that here is a picture of the flowergirls that the bride tweeted.
or that you can make orange by using 17 different elements.
or that the groom had very good aftershave.
or that I have never known a couple so excited to be getting married.

It was a joy.


In the land of the blind

the one eyed woman is Queen.

Some pictures from recent weddings.

One bride came to pick up her bouquet herself

one organised her wedding in 2 weeks, and wore polka dots.

and one married the son of a local wedding photographer, so i am hoping for lots of lens action

and one had actual LURCHERS at her wedding

and one had the hottest best man.

also yesterday i tweeted that didn't like styled bridal shoots, and i got some flack.

It's because 99.9% of the time the model playing the part of the bride looks like she has a right cob on.


Prep for a weekend of events

of the non-floral variety.

Floristry is only really 10% flowers.

The rest of the time is spent making model aeroplanes and eating Daim bar flavoured Mikado. Which are far too sweet and do not taste of Daim bars

i am still eating them.

This is the weekend of the orange wedding, i can barely contain my excitement.

Do you remember 2 1/2 years ago when i made that sweeping prediction and wasn't very good at taking photographs?

and yes that is ranunculus and yes it is August, and I've had them in since July.

because I can.

The dahlias sont English, so chillax people.