Easter in the shop

The chicks are definitely free range.
The books have finally arrived.
The flowers are in shades of sugared almonds, but with my beloved orange too.
No time for words.
Happy weekending.



To make an omlette

first you have to break some eggs or something to that effect.

Some of the flower blogs i read, are so elegant and considered. Perfectly shot image after image all at f1.2 the most beautiful flowers and glamorous back stories.

I wish i could be like that.

but i can't resist adding baby chicks.

The Easter displays should have been in at the beginning of the week, but The Hound was in charge of rounding up the chicks, things have been a bit problematic......


When you're smiling

The whole world smiles with you.

A tune for yet another glorious sunny day.

and some food, we have turned to the Asia's chicken poached with ginger and lemongrass, the broth eaten with noodles and fresh herbs.

Frozen yoghurt, sushi, and the discovery of this food blog

Oxtail and sweet potato dauphinoise banished, as the bikin beckons.......

also the foodies amongst you, i am doing the pudding for dinner on Friday, suggestions please. It needs to be gluten free, and it is to follow what has now become known as the F***ing goose.



The Victoria and Albert Museum is next door to the Natural History Museum.

A lot of people go for the fashion and pretty things.

I go for scale.

Whilst the internets are full of 1930's China, folky hand drawn lettering or sleek Danish design, i want scale. The sort of scale you only get from Ancient civilisations, or religious tyranny.

If you walk into the cast room and see the cast of Trajan's column, there is a very sweet man in there, who doesn't mind if you shout out an expletive when you see the size of it. Scale is something we lack in the country.

also the cafe is beautiful, but stay away from the apple cake. It is dry and they don't have pastry forks.

Back to the flowers tomorrow, it's Easter. I have been fashioning things out of pussy willow.


The appliance of science

It always comes as a surprise when people find out i studied science. I think perhaps people expect i might have read or art or French, it often comes as a surprise to people that i ever studied at all. In certain circles you can cut a conversation dead by answering "florist" to the "and what is it you do?" questions.

"How lovely" they say.

I avoid these circles.

But i did, study science, i spent time dissecting human brains, classifying plants, discussing mathematical algorithms, wearing a white lab coat and burning my biro in the flame of a bunsen burner.

The Natural History Museum is like a paradise, I'd take it over Selfridges any day. Museums are one of those things i tend to do solo, i can get quite excitable, especially if there is a penguin, a dinosaur or a big piece of fluorite. The building alone is enough, the carvings and sheer scale are awe inspiring.

I eagerly await Jen Altman's new book Lustre. The colours of minerals are so very different to those of flora, they make for a very welcome change.

Also the Natural History Museum, like a lot of them in London is free. Gratis. Nothing to pay.

and there is a shop.
and you can get married there
and if you have small children you can literally spend a night at the museum.