Don't stop believin'

A very Merry Christmas to you. We have reached the stage where hysteria sets in. So many orders to finish before tomorrow. If we don't sleep it might just get done.

I am taking 5 minutes out to get some circulation back in my hands, and to wish you all a marvellous Christmas, and a rather wonderful 2010.

Thank you to everyone that reads, and takes time out of their day to comment, or even visit the shop. Next year we have a lot of exciting things, and a few changes....

To all the characters in this great charade I say Merci beaucoup xxx

See you next year.

Am I the only one who is loving the fact that Journey are always on the radio?

Also my dearest Mr F, he may have signed a 3 year deal, but he has yet to start on the grid.

Let the games commence.



The Hound has gone to Mustique

It snowed again yesterday, and an idyllic stroll around this beautiful town of Stamford ensued. The Hound taught Mr Ferrari how to use his pasta machine and a supper of rabbit ravioli was consumed.
By this morning he had had enough, and boarded a flight to warmer climes, evidently he will return in time for presents.

Eucalyptus defrosts nicely, begonias not so much.
Vagabond chic (wearing all the clothes you own at once) is all the rage.
The morning always comes too soon, before I even close my eyes.
It is snowing again.
All i do each night is pray.
Take That is playing as I write this, can you tell?
I'm so cold and all alone.
Customers that bring me chocolate are my favourite sort of customer.

I just haven't met you yet.......the radio has moved on to Mr Buble.



-8 degrees C

Stamford has taken on the look of a ski resort, only without the skis.
I am wearing 9 tops, and i am still cold.
Our vintage pots filled with bulbs are flying out.
I hope the Eurotunnel is fixed very soon.
Long hair keeps the back of your neck warm.
The Hound has made an igloo and installed a woodburner and a wide screen TV.
In a small poll where n=3, we decided BMW's are the worst in the snow.
Stamford made it on to the BBC, it's about 1.25 minutes in, scenes of Range Rovers driving past The George, in the snow.....so Stamford.


I ain't no Kirstie Allsop

Making your own cards with lino is harder than she made it look, cutting is fine, printing not so much. The last time i did this was a school, I still have the lino cut, it was my best thing ever created in the art room within those walls of grey. I have lost my touch.
It may have helped to start it a bit earlier
I shall stick to making wreaths
and selling flowers.

The snow hasn't reached us yet, but the icy winds are blowing. I am wearing 3 thermal tops, 2 dresses, Uggs and a beret.

I am not sure about the beret.


Christmas trees and whippets

The Stamford Hen, The Hound and I made our way to the Christmas tree farm. We were in search of a large tree, we found a very large tree.

It has not been a good year for Christmas trees, have you found that too? Some say it is the weather, others say it's just one of those years.
Ever the detective, The Hound chatted to a few of the elves, evidently an ill North wind blew in over the summer, bringing with it a wiry haired witch. She lives beneath the forest, eating Lapin casserole, and drinking nettle tea. The elves say she will be moved on, and next year the trees will be the best ever.

Today a lovely whippet came in to buy some red roses.

Also it was a rack of lamb with a herb crust.

Don't forget to dig out the magical book.

Let's take a look at The Gallery

Tony Hart was my hero.

Here are wreaths made on our course yesterday. I think they are all brillianto, I Also love that given access to the exact same ingredients, they
are all completely different.

Individuality rocks. Bravo girls. Top marks

Mr F's chelsea buns provided energy, he is on a course of his own, a high-faluting cookery one. Last night's offering was pear and amaretto cake, tonight?....


It looks better in real life.....

Sit him on a cloud of silver asparagus fern, and give him a collar of holly berries and silver ribbon.

Hyacinth bulbs and pheasant feathers are de rigueur round these parts.

I have listened to Paloma Faith. Excellent.

There is a Christmas thing on tomorrow in Stamford, all over the town, hog roasts, carols, festive sweet treats and the like. To show willing, I will be open from 12-2pm.


The mission if you choose to accept it....

Turn this reindeer into a centre piece featuring silvers and reds.

You have 16 hours.

He has antlers but they are detachable, and at present are detached.

It looks like Lalique, but it isn't.

You may use the glitter silver apples.

This post will self destruct in 10 minutes.

I think i need a gin.

Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air

I know I can count on you.
You've got the love i need to see me through.

1. Dried fruit pick 'n'mix
2. Flowers
3. The Hound has a new toy, it's a meerkat....simples. You can see how enthralled he is by it.
4. Carnage. Somewhere under all that are the keys to the shop, I can't go anywhere until i have tidied up.

Customer "I watched Kirstie last night and I would like a 30ft spruce garland for my banister"
Miss P. "We can make you one"
Customer "Excellent can you have it ready in an hour, I need to pick the children up from school. I can wait for it."
Miss P."You'll be waiting a long time"

Suggestions needed for music to listen to, I have exhausted all my tunes.

A joyous weekend to you all.
I have a craving for French toast and Maple Syrup



Blessed are the wreathmakers

Posting could get dull, but with a new supply of local foliage,I intend to mix it up a bit.

Stay tuned.

Also I lost 2 nails but the lovely peeps at Equilibrium have redone them for me.

I got a feeling.....that tonight's gonna be a good night


Currently loving.....feathers

On birds, and in wreaths. Merci beaucoup to the gentleman that supplied them.

Good work.

That's all.

Except to say Kirsty is having the same effect as Delia, brass wreath rings are going like hot cakes, and late last night I was making salt dough. She is the Queen of all twee, and wears nice dresses.

p.s. I also bought some new lino cutters - don't think bad of me.

And the Father of the Bride made pickled onions

This was the one in the bird sanctuary, and the one with the bodyguard.

Miss P's Annual Prize for most dedicated to the cause: Mr and Mrs H.

Such fun.


Jars of mistletoe

Things have been a little hectic.
Richard Gere has not turned up yet.
I have spent the night in a museum.
And another night in a bird sanctuary.
I cannot bend my left knee.
When we speak again, I will be another year older.
I have been given the gift of cake.
Mistletoe is my new favourite thing.



Wreath factory

The score so far:

Miss P 0 Mr F's Evil Chianti 2


Only the prettiest things

are allowed on or near the new dresser. I mixed my own colour, it is a sort of battleship grey, but in a good way. You really can't go wrong with grey.

Kelly has delivered some more vintage button magnets. Good ladies of Stamford your prayers have been answered, get them whilst stocks last.

Tomorrow and what seems like forever more is all about wreaths, blogging may have to be discontinued.


-6 degrees C

Everybody with a thermometer in their car has told me the temperature today. -6 is the lowest recorded temperature, taken by a Mercedes on the school run.

It is offically too cold for a witty post, so instead a snap of my hair and nails.