How to make snowglobes a la Miss P.

Such fun, steal your children's toys and put them in jam jars.

Collect random toys or Christmas cake toppers, and save up your jars with lids. Wash them all nicely.

Make purchase of glycerin and glitter.

Using a glue gun stick the toy to the lid of the jar, ensuring the toy fits in the jar. Sounds obvious, but check...

Fill the jar with distilled water, boiled water allowed to cool. Add a glug of the glycerin, and a teaspoon of glitter. You can use too much glitter. I have proof of this. You also need to make sure the items are colourfast, otherwise you will end up with turquoise water. I have proof of this too.

Martha doesn't tell you this.

Screw on the lid.

You have yourself a snowglobe. The glitter might clump at first, but a couple of shakes and you are away.

I like using very tall jars and small toys.

Negative space is so cool.

guaranteed to hold the attention of a small child for 45 seconds, and a 30 something florist for a good couple of hours.


Be young, be foolish, but be happy.

Pheasants and foliage are the new rock and roll.

Actual fact.

And as i lurch towards another birthday the song by The Tams is my new mantra.

Safe in the knowledge that i have spent an entire year thinking i am older than i am.

I am still young, just.


Alpine village

Jam jars are not just for flowers.

Better pictures next week, and how-to's. Snow globes and everything.

In the meantime, a hooray to anybody who guess which publication i am doing a little project for tomorrow.

I should be assimilating bits and pieces and sharpening my scissors, instead i am obsessing over what to wear.

Suggestion so far has been "tits and tweed"

Business as usual then.

and drive like the wind Mr Hamilton, and don't get back together with Nicole. No good ever came from going backwards, especially given your chosen profession.


Peonies and small houses

Chaos reigns supreme.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends.

Yes they are peonies, yes it is November.

and i haven't even started the window.......


In the press

From the current issue of Wedding Flowers magazine.

Pictures from the shoot we did from The Telegraph.

Only i took these photographs.


And thoughts on lip gloss? I have been wearing it today for the first time in ages. It seems to have a strange hypnotic effect on men.

But does it make kissing a bit messy?



Chard and the lettering on old maps.

The Christmas window and I are falling out. Big time.

If it works, there will be many Christmas How-to's.

If it doesn't......


You're so cool


I had to come all the way from the highway and byways of Tallahassee, Florida to MotorCity, Detroit to find my true love.
If you gave me a million years to ponder, I would never have guessed that true romance and Detroit would ever go together.
And til this day, the events that followed all still seems like a distant dream. But the dream was real and was to change our lives forever.
I kept asking Clarence why our world seemed to be collapsing and things seemed to be getting so shitty.
And he'd say, "that's the way it goes, but don't forget, it goes the other way too." That's the way romance is...
Usually, that's the way it goes, but every once in awhile, it goes the other way too.

True Romance one of my favourite films.

Today i made a bridal bouquet.

and then a dear friend walked in and ordered one for herself. For 2 weeks time.



If you pay top dollar they are the size of saucers. Like peonies, i can never work out how all that flower fits into such a small bud.

and if you buy 100 bright pink ones, there will be, in amongst them one red, one purple.

It's the law.

and a camel and a giraffe watch a penguin dance.

It will all become clear next week. Promise.

and if anybody wanted to take me here for a few days, i would be totally fine with it.

Also anemone is one of those words that i have to google the spelling of every time.

and today i have big hair and am wearing a cocktail ring.



I watch your pretty life play out in pictures from afar

Mr John Mayer. Swoon.

Christmas is at the top of our list. The window is being prepared, i had a light bulb moment this morning, which will take some time to implement.

So we are trying to formulate something as a temporary measure. The Hound is getting tangled up in fairy lights, trying to recreate last year's card. He thinks it's a hoot. It isn't.

His little saluki head has been made much bigger by the fact that we have sold out of The Hound cards. More are on the way.

Christmas is a double edged sword for florists, a chance to make all sorts of wonderment, but also a busy time, that means we never get to go to any parties.

and more importantly it detracts from my birthday.

The photographs are of things going  into the super window, and proof that you don't need a tilt-shift lens.

Just photograph very small things.

Also what do you have in your windows?


What a wicked thing to do

to make me dream of you.

Chris Isaak. Yes please.

I'm not going to lie you, this was yesterday's back up post.

It's about moss, and how if you buy some, and put it around the tops of your plants, they look better.

You can buy the moss from your local florist, it comes in polystyrene boxes, sometimes there is a pine cone in there too.