The sum of its parts

Gardeny. Doing what we do.

I have a very very good weekend planned.

I am very excited.

I hope yours is as wonderful.

Let's chat on Tuesday.



Happy Birthday

how to make a gif

Not actually his birthday, more 5 years since he came to live Chez Miss P.

I'm not sure how old he is, possibly 7.

but like the kids from fame, he is going to live forever.


Swallows and Amazons

or sweetpeas and herons.


I have no words, i am too busy driving a man crazy.

Not intentionally.




There has been no escaping my rather bad mood, another hair dryer has bitten the dust, I am all about curly hair this week. I hate my curly hair.

and I have received another invitation that i am going to have to turn down because of work. I will be very surprised if i have any friends left by October.

From now if you want to me my friend, you can only have a birthday, wedding, christening etc. in the first 2 weeks of October, the middle 2 weeks of November or the last week in February. That way i won't feel like i am constantly letting you down. Deal?

So i have slipped the 50mm lens on, and made everything all dreamy and fuzzy.

and had my spirits greatly lifted by 3 brides.

and suddenly realised it is The Hound's birthday on Friday.........

What does one buy a celebrity dog?


Cowboys and hand dryers

The new window is very slowly taking shape, cowboys and succulents.

Evidently it is confusing for some

"You don't look like a florist, i am very confused by your window"

She felt the need to come and shout this at me, and then bought a plant.

Confusing maybe, but seemingly effective as a marketing tool, she came she bought. Had the window of been full of silk peonies, she may have bought 2 plants.

We will never know.

Also during a rummage i found a Polaroid Land camera for swingers. Best place to buy Polaroid film from if you please. Of course it means now i can go on this Polaroid course if i had the money, and didn't work over Valentine's....

and in other news, this morning a large anonymous parcel. Not the new postcards (you knew the business cards were just a precursor to me selling my images as postcards didn't you??) nor a gift from a lover.

No, because my life isn't quirky enough, a hand dryer, wall mountable, for a loo.

You couldn't make it up.


In search of colour

Life in Stamford and Rutland is lived in hues of the Farrow and Ball paint chart. Everywhere you go, walls are painted in String or Lamp room grey. It is all very beautiful and tasteful....

and so on a grey day, colour is required.

I didn't get a tattoo, buy the hooker shoes, or go to the sex shop.

But I did buy ribbon. Obvs.


Stars fading but i linger on dear

Still craving your kiss
I'm longing to linger til dawn dear
Just saying this...

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you.
But in your dreams, whatever they be,
Dream a little dream of me.

We opted for The Mama's and The Papa's version.

Wedding flowers from last week, maybe by next week, I will have caught up and bring you today's and yesterday's. Hard to say.

and my new business cards, made with photographs from the blog.

Quite a bit excited about them.

Small things.


Party like it's 1999

Wednesday night saw the opening party of the William Cecil. We filled suitcases with hydrangeas and roses, filled urns at the end of the staircases with flowers, dressed tables in the marquee and tweaked the arrangements from the weekend.

Then we actually went to the party, where champagne flowed and deep fried oysters and rare steak were feasted upon.

In all my time in previous careers in food, PR and food PR i have never known a more generous opening party.

A speech was made by the owner, a modern day Mr Darcy, good suit, public school hair, you know the sort of thing. The entire audience fluttered their eyelashes and swooned. Even those with botox.

Every time i see said owner i am carrying a piece of taxidermy.

"I carried a stuffed Impala head"


Then as we strolled down the hill home we called in at The George and had a glass of the good stuff with Mary and Chris.
We find ourselves with another weekend. Marvellous. Do you have plans? The Mother Hen and The Captain are at sea, currently tied up on Dartmouth Town quay, pop down and see hello if you are in the area. The Stamford Hen and her Gentleman husband are off to the High Voltage festival in Victoria Park.

I am doing weddings.....

Do not forget there is a Grand Prix. Where have Ferrari found their form from? Will McLaren pick up the bat phone and call Ron Dennis? I wish they would.

We will be back tomorrow with weddings and other beguiling things.