Love it when you talk that talk to me

Say what you want, say you want you like
Say you want me to do and I got you
Tell me how to love you, tell me how to hold you
I'mma get it right on the first try for you

There was a weekend, there are photographs, but the cable isn't here. I am a terrible blogger. Instead we'll do London tomorrow, and then Valentine's Day.

Remember if he doesn't buy you flowers from Miss Pickering he doesn't love you.

This is the rumour i am spreading.

The Hound is expensive to feed, my advertising campaign goes for the jugular.  The tagline may make people laugh or it may get me driven out of town. It's a fine line, let's dance around it tomorrow.

As it is illegal to have a post without pictures, here you go, the outtakes from Lapelman's shoot.  You can vote for your favourite if you like.

and this morning i have had visits from both Becca and Mr F.

also Rihanna and Jay-Z, there are quite a lot of swears, but good song.


Hooked on a feeling

I'm high on believing.

Vonda Shepard off of Ally McBeal

do you remember that series? Dancing babies and theme tunes.

The i-pod has been on shuffle.

Personal theme tunes, do you have them?

I do.

This one
and this one.

These are the songs i imagine are playing when i stroll down the high street. Sadly they don't, normally it's people asking  about The Hound, or whispering about who i was seen having dinner with the night before.

Small towns.

I am headed to London this weekend. I am hoping for debauchery.

and i am making flowers in pots.


Lapelman and the carnivorous buttonhole

Last year we created this and the image ended up blogs and wedding magazines, quite a lot of magazines, to the point where Lapelman wanted an agent.

In an attempt to recreate some of that magic, yesterday i made some more buttonholes.

Then this happened

Lapelman *points to the carnivorous plants* That would make a cool buttonhole
Miss P. *rips off stem and places in buttonhole slit*
Lapelman Well that looks ridiculous, it needs something else
Miss P. *adds a stem of eucalyptus*
Lapelman Better, but it needs something at the bottom
Miss P. *Adds Spanish moss*
Lapelman It still needs something else
Miss P. *Snips plant, adds*

I like the results.

More than the ones i made. Which is a worry.................

But proof positive that grooms should be actively encouraged to participate in flower discussions.


Colour sampling

for a wedding.

you group a few things together and then make pictures and send it to a bride and groom with the following note.

Dear Bride and Groom

Here are a few flowers grouped together, you might like the colourway.

Please bear in mind that these flowers are Spring flowers and your wedding is in the Summer, so the flowers will be totally different.

Also it is a really grey day here, and on your wedding day it is going to be sunny and bright, so the flowers will also look very different.

and they are just grouped, i will spend more time "arranging" them on the actual day.

In short your wedding flowers will look nothing like this, but i promise they will look nice, so you should definitely book me to do your wedding.


Miss P.


She needs wide open spaces

room to make her big mistakes.

The table football has left the building.
and all that remains our memories and a wide open space.

What to fill it?

Suggestions so far

Dance floor
Air hockey
Large step ladder so i can keep taking overhead shots (the phase will pass, bear with)
3 lurchers
Pinball machine

Also Dixie Chicks.

Love them, especially this one.


Flowers in the home

A host of golden daffodils on the kitchen table and a non-flowering geranium on my desk.

Is there are a chance the geranium might flower indoors? I grabbed it in from the garden before the last lot of frosts came.

Loving terracotta inside.

Let's hope the others are better.


It may be winter outside

but in my heart it's Spring

Chicken a l'orange.

Marinate chicken with the juice and zest of half a navel orange, a handful of lemon thyme, olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic, and seasoning.

A sweet potato per person, chopped, and several handfuls of chichi Chanteray carrots. Scatter more lemon thyme and the zest of the half of the orange.

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Realise you forgot to put the red onion in, add.

Place the chicken on top, continue to bake until he skin is crispy and golden.

Meanwhile roast some plums with butter and sugar, take the half empty tub of ricotta from the fridge. Add the vestiges of juice and zest from the orange and a spoonful of sugar.

Try not to burn the plums, your hand or grate your finger.

Blitz any leftover vegetables with chicken stock for soup.

I was trying to find a reference to something yesterday, and found this. Maybe another one is in order?



The battery charger remains on the kitchen table, so photographs from the Blackberry.

I use phone photographs as an aide memoire and for twitter and then forget why i took them.

Last night i had supper cooked for me. You can guess the chef. Recipe from this blog. He reads blogs now, on an i-pad.

I don't even like creme eggs.

but i did like the navy/gold/orange colourway.


chips with parmesan and truffle oil.

the old sewing patterns are in the Cancer research shop if you are into those, all very retro

and clearly this was not taken on my phone, it was me messing about with Valentines day paraphernalia, but it has the same awful badly lit feel as the others.....

Bon weekend



I have sold the table football,  it is being collected this week. Fear not i have re homed it with a loving family, maybe they will send us updates of how it is getting on?
I am now on the hunt for an Air Hockey table or something else equally as random.

It does mean a shuffle around of the shop is required, and i had all intention of photographing said shuffle. Sadly the battery charger is on the kitchen table...

Instead Cambridge. A rather grey but very lovely day out with The Other Miss Pickering. Cambridge isn't far away, we would sometimes go on a Saturday from school, but now. Why do we never do the things on our doorstep?

We watched the family on the self-drive punt for ages, i really felt for the man, I can't imagine punting is the easiest of activities and the expectation of the 2 little girls was enormous.

Also if you go to Cambridge you will become fixated with finding the perfectly aged bicycle with a basket, and there will be ridiculously early blossom.

Also i have broken a New Year's resolution already, but i had fun doing it, and it was a rather unrealistic resolution anyway so it doesn't count does it?