I think I'm falling for you

Last week I had a telephone call from a journalist.

"What is your inspiration for Fall/Winter?" said she
"Fall? This is England darling, Autumn if you will" said I.

I didn't say that, but that's what i was thinking.

I hate that sort of question, it is impossible to answer without sounding pretentious, I am a florist, I'm not vying for an inclusion in Saatchi's living room.

I mumbled something about aubergine and sage, being Autumnal just as much as oranges and browns, about food and colour and other such things.

I sounded pretentious.

It's Colbie Caillat , figs later roasted with gorgonzola, a jacket, Kentish Cobnuts, and The Mother Hen's Blackcurrant Jam.


Victoria Plum and Spa Chicken

1.The Victoria plums were crumbled with butter and cinnamon.
2.New pictures on the Great Wall of Inspiration. Sailing boats meet African safari lodges meet shooting chic.
3.Spa chicken*, so called because you can eat it with just a fork, allowing the other hand to wildly gesticulate at the television whilst watching the Grand Prix. Mr Hamilton won. It was quite a race, there was a lot of shouting, my lunch guests joined in despite being rugby people xxx
4.The Hound doing what he does best

*Fill a roasting tin with fennel, red pepper, red onion, sage, a lot of garlic, a whole lemon pricked, and chunks of stale crusty bread. Place chicken on top, roast for allotted time, serve hot, crunchy garlicky croutons, vegetables and chicken all in one pot. Useful as a salad topping too, if you can wait for it to cool. Make 37 times more croutons than you think you will need.


You've been acting all tough lately

smoking a lot of cigarettes lately
But inside you're just a little baby.
It's ok to say you've got a weak spot
you don't always have to be on top.

It's not grey today, my mood is greatly improved and i feel more like this

43 years later and the shop remodel is really not much further on.

I made some "transient wallpaper"
tied tags onto jars
and the table and flowers are reunited
and some flowers.

Happy Bank Holiday, do you have plans?

I'm not a robot.



As an English gal, It would be terribly remiss of me not to discuss the weather.

It is raining, it hasn't stopped raining.

It poses some sartorial conundrums, what to wear on ones feet?, even i have to admit that it is too wet for flip flops. A ballet pump? ill defence against the puddles, Uggs? The route i have taken, not brilliant in the rain. Wellington boots? (as long as they aren't green or floral) i think this is the safest route, if only i knew where they were.

Then there is the umbrella etiquette. Given that this an Ye Olde Town, the narrow passageways are ill-equipped for 2 umbrellas to pass one another without a spot of jiggery, apology, and general awkwardness. Should you raise or lower your umbrella?

I think the answer may be a hat and a jar of marmalade, a recycled jar of course.

Despite all this my morning has been blessed with a present from one of my brides. The badges will be worn with pride, thank you xx

Also i bought this book yesterday.


Flowers so loathsome they should be banned part 46

Germini and gerbera.

I fail to see what positive effect these could ever have on society.

Is it me?


Don't get me wrong

If I'm getting so distracted.
I'm thinking about the fireworks
that go off when you smile.

This is the song i heard at 4.16am, I have been singing it all day.

The video is of Pride and Prejudice the Keira Knightley one, where a bit of it was filmed at Burghley House.

Which is where the Horse Trials are
next week.

Weirdly all dovetailing.

Also the flowers are changing crocosmia seed heads, sedum,and poppy heads herald the start of Autumn.


Torn and frayed

I made the pastry myself this time. Can you tell?

A cheese and tomato tart. The secret is a a thin layer of Dijon mustard in the base and a handful of breadcrumbs to soak up the tomato juices. Layer tomato and goats cheese in concentric circles, or just pile it all in, season, chuck on some fresh herbage, and a good glug of olive oil.

It is a very forgiving tart.

In other news.

We discovered the reason why Gordon Ramsay should stick to shouting at restaurant owners in the U.S. They do however serve Hendrick's. Click on the link you'll love it.

Trust me.


Du Pain, Du Vin et Du.....


This was the wedding where they named their tables after cheeses. Gourmet.

I love cheese, I don't need du pain, just du vin and a knife.

The venue has the best staircase i have ever seen, a good staircase would be high on my list of priorities if choosing a venue.

Something is brewing in Stamford, yesterday one of my favourite customers came in to enquire about wedding flowers for himself.

This morning i had to track down a lady on behalf of a man she dined with last night, to deliver her a bouquet of hydrangea, roses, poppy heads and cotinus. Cotinus is the sexiest foliage ever, gets them every time.

My cupid's bow and arrow is armed and ready for all who require a little help.

One Valentine's day i had a book of love poems to inspire the gentlemen into writing cards that would steal the hearts of their intended. Several woman were so bowled over by their husbands sudden romantic behaviour they assumed he was having an affair.

A weekend of mischief, and heartstopping kisses to you all.


Star crossed lovers

A table

A selection of flowers

The only thing that stands between them is another coat of paint and a slick of varnish.

Until then they gaze at one another across the room.

Enough I hear you cry. All we really want is the link to those photographs.

Knock yourselves out.


To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat.

I wish i had been the one to say that, but i am quoting a Beverly Nichols. It is now written in our window.

It's the sort of line that should be purred, rather like

"You remember how to whistle don't you? Just put your lips together...and blow"


Scenes from the shop today

I have spared you the photograph of the entire cup of coffee i spilt in my handbag.

I have been painting the window, this involves climbing right into it, and being on view to all who pass.

Everybody becomes a comedian.

"You've missed a bit love"

"You can pop round and do mine as well if you like"

"You don't want to do it like that"

I pretend i can't hear them through the glass, and just smile and wave.

The shop is coming on at a snails pace.


A rolling stone gathers no moss and other tales from the weekend.

I think it is safe to say that the garden has gone to pot.

More an edible jungle than an edible garden. The caterpillars have moved in,feasted on the kale and are now having a postprandial indulgence on the purple sprouting.

I am scared of caterpillars, in a run past the infected plants very quickly sort of way.

The beetroot looks lovely, as do the runner beans. Only the runner beans were supposed to be dwarf French beans.

I don't like runner beans, perhaps you do? Pop to the shop next week, you are most welcome to them.

Sweet and juicy yellow tumbling toms are adding a fancy touch to salads, but all the lettuces have bolted.

My one triumph, courgette flowers, wait patiently to be cooked and bitten into. Warm, soft lemony ricotta cheese and a crisp tempura batter.

It's the stuff dreams are made of.


You've got 4 and 20 hours

Just one day to prove to me
That your love has got the power
To make me believe
Or take me where I wanna be

The first song i heard this morning.

I am having one of those days where good music is following me around, I feel like I am in a film, probably a Richard Curtis one.

I spontaneously broke into dance in the DIY shop, they were playing the Dirty Dancing theme. Apologies to the man buying a paint brush who was my unwitting audience.

Does anybody know what these tropically looking things are? I'm sorry I haven't a clue.

The good people of Stamford now believe them to be "Dragon Rods".....



Chasing away a grey and dull day with a slick of very red lipstick and Ben E King

The flowers are changing, local dahlias have arrived, artichokes and rosehips are hobnobbing with roses and the first of the ranunculus.

Was that our summer?

Are we now to walk the streets kicking up leaves and looking for a new pea coat?

Who knows?

Do you love my new table for the flowers? Isn't it blingtastic. It's the sort of thing that rappers have in their crib, in the formal room they never use.

The remodelling is taking longer than expected photos at the end of the month. We are a work in progress, and we have plumbing problems......

The Hound is grumpy.

If I were getting married today.....

I would want these cakes.

Just these cakes.

and maybe a bottle of Prosecco.

More here on the ever wonderful blog 100 layercake

Cakes by Magpie's cakes

What talent.


A wedding

Held at The Olive Branch.

It was lovely.

Emily came up to take the pictures.

There was a horse and carriage.


For sale

I am done with the dresser look.

It's not them it's me.

I need to find my shop again.

and the dressers are getting in the way.

I have plans for a radical change, but part of me chickened out yesterday, that and the fact that the doorways are really awkward here.

So if i free the shop of the dressers, then a change will have to occur.

No it won't look like it does in the book anymore, but it will still be beautiful, just in a different way.

I have grown up, and the shop has to follow suit.

*Email me for details of the dressers, buyer to collect this week.