Smoke and mirrors

Web person : We have reports of spam from your website, please deal with this.
Miss P. : What? How? Where? How do i deal with it?
Web person: Spam is coming from www.misspickering.com
Miss P: *checks website sees advert for porn channel for men who like women with large breasts*
Miss P. : Clearly this is not me spamming people, rather i have been hacked, any suggestions on how i go about resolving this?
Web person: We can't verify it isn't you, we have suspended your account.
Miss P. : I can assure it isn't, I pedal products of a floral not pornographic nature

3 hours pass

Web person: You are correct the spam is coming from a file attached to your website
Miss P. : and therefore i should.....?
Web person: You need to delete the files as a matter of urgency
Miss P. : Any idea on where these files are or how i delete them?
Web person: You need to delete the files
Miss P. How? How do i delete the files?
Web person: You need to delete the files
Miss P.: I appreciate i need to delete the files, but perhaps you give me some clue as to where these files are? Seeing as how you are the expert and all.
Web person: You just need to delete the files.

This morning the PDQ machine broke down, did you know there are many departments within the call in case of breakdown department. I spoke to 9 different ones.

Then a lady came in

"I would love your job, it must be so calming, getting to play with flowers all day"

If you need me I will be face down in a box of cream slices.


Feeling my way through the darkness

Guided by a beating heart

I am so behind on bringing you pictures of the weddings we have been merrily toiling away on, that the pro images are ready before i have brought you mine.

and who doesn't love a blog post with images of the actual Bride and groom looking so deliriously happy, taken by a proper photographer?

In this instance Binky Nixon, stalk her blog, for when she blogs the full set.

This wedding will forever be known as the one with the really big logs, and the one with the DeWalt.

When the bride first came to see me, she wanted COLOUR, and because the groom is a carpenter we went with a wood theme.

That's how designs occur.

Also if you a bride reading this because i directed you to the blog to see what we were using in August, this wedding was at the very beginning of August, don't get excited by the sight of coral peonies at the end of August.

I had to sell a kidney to get them for this time of year as it was.

Also Avicii


This much I know

I love weddings
I am good at them, not in a shout it from the rooftops, retweet all the compliments and make all the selfies way, just in a finally discovering some self confidence sort of way.
I really like chips, with salt NO vinegar straight from the paper.
I have shuffled the shop around again.
and am quite into plants.
I am addicted to M&S croissants.
I always fall for the wrong boys.
The Hound has slimmed into his new collar.
Seeing the international space station from your back garden is a thrill
This weekend i am going to the seaside, I am taking the big camera
I need a new left shoulder.
If you fill a Dutch crate with cold water and put your feet in it, it's nothing like all the holiday snaps on Facebook.
I have delved into the world of BB creams.
and had some use out of my panama hat this year.
I was really nervous about coming back to the blog, which is ridiculous and the sort of thing that i would roll my eyes at if i read it on somebody else's blog.
I roll my eyes at a lot of social media output
Except Instagram
I love working with Lotte
My inbox is full of beauty from the pro shots of weddings and happiness
I will start bringing them to you tomorrow