Spring weddings are such wonderful affairs. This weekend we undertook two, both very different. Burghley House provided the perfect backdrop for local daffodils and pussy willow. Table centres of planted tete a tetes were balanced with tall glass vases of pussy willow. The Great Hall is a stunning wood panelled room and the vibrant colour brightened up what was a grey day.

The church flowers were a mix of cut and potted narcissus, and needed to be moved to Burghley before the bridal party arrived. Loading all the flowers into the van and whizzing through the Bottle Lodges to install them, thankfully we got there before the bride - helped in part by the fact that she walked from the church.

The other wedding was at Thorney Abbey, scented posies tied to the pews with satin ribbon were taken off and used as chair backs at Orton Hall. Table centres of Cala lillies, steel grass and feathers matched the bridal bouquet. The weather was unseasonally glorious, and once again moving the flowers from the church to the venue was a race against time - we just made it!

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