Delicious cakes

Fresh flowers and delicious cakes a wonderful combination! Katie Watts at Couture-Cakes makes cakes that not only look stunning, but taste amazing as well, my personal favourite is the lemon, or perhaps the carrot, although on a Wednesday it has to be chocolate, rather difficult to choose, although it seems I am not the only one - brides often have more than one flavour. This weeks wedding Katie and I met at the marquee to assemble the cake, 3 tiers filled with Avalanche and Diadeem roses. www.couture-cakes.co.uk

The shop was freezing today, it is difficult getting the balance between sartorial elegance and avoiding frostbite, and I generally get it wrong on both fronts - sporting my unique "got dressed in the dark" accessorised with chattering teeth. The Hound however lies in the comfort of his basket next to the heater.

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