Maid Marion

I haven't exactly been cavorting with merry men in Sherwood forest, but I did spend a very enjoyable time in Nottingham with Marc and Keith at Vaas - a fabulous florist in Nottingham. Their shop is gargantuan compared to mine, all high ceilings, modern vases, and beautiful flowers. I was particularly touched by the laying on of a G and T (with ice no less) and the delicious homemade lemon cake. Both our shops are to be featured in Sally Page's new book "Friends of the Flower shop" .The book is out in September, and we will be stocking them in the shop. I had some other highly important business to attend to in Nottingham, but was soon distracted by the sight of a wonderous pair of "****" me shoes! I ventured into the shop and succumbed to their overwhelming beauty.

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