Running barefoot in the fields

Yesterday I had to make a delivery to a very picturesque hamlet in the middle of nowhere. As I turned away from the front door, I was most surprised to see a dog that looked very much like The Hound in the garden. For a good few minutes I marvelled at how two dogs could look so alike, until it dawned on me that it was actually The Hound. He had managed to jump out of the window and decided that he might like to take himself off for a bit of a run. And run he did, for 2 hours...with a somewhat desperate blond running after him. My choice of footwear that morning had been a very nice pair of silver sequined flip-flops, (fine for the shop, but not quite suited to running in muddy fields) as such they were discarded and barefoot was the only option. Saluki's are noted for their air of superiority and complete lack of recall, and yesterday The Hound proved this to a T. Today he has slept in his basket looking like butter wouldn't melt and I have nursed my nettlestung feet.

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