Rain, rain kindly desist

The newly planted lavender and box are now thoroughly watered and The Hound, fed up to the back teeth, is surfing the net for last minute deals to Dubai.
It is my opinion that on rainy days the calorific value of all food is halved, and so this afternoon we tucked into a Battenburg, washed down with cups of earl grey tea. Battenburg always reminds me of my late grandmother, who became known as "blue grandma" - (she wore a blue dress one day and the name stuck).My other grandmother is known as "bungalow grandma", although she now lives in a house so we use it less. This method of identifying people has proven to be useful in the shop, particularly for our male customers. We now have "yellow flower man", "white and green man", "the poshest man in the world", "the teacher" and my personal favourite "Cashmere man" I have quite a crush on this impeccably dressed man, so called because I imagine everything he owns is made of cashmere, his shoes are always shiny and he smells nice too.

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Anonymous said...

Who is cashmere man? Let me come poste haste to the shop, he sounds like the type of gentleman that every girl should meet!