Bay Trees, Books, Roast Beef, and Hypnose

Over a candlelit breakfast, it became apparent that we didn't actually know what time the lunch was, although a rumour had started that there was a champagne reception at 12 noon. With trepidation, we headed to The Baytree Hotel, very lovely and not at all Fawlty like. The trepidation was two fold; seeing the shop and myself in print, but mainly because i had decided to wear my newly purchased sale shoes (Very high and a size too big) and there are a lot of uneven pavements and cobbles in Burford.
We were greeted by the very lovely Sally Page and Billy Kelly, and handed The Book. It is so beautiful, Sally captured the spirit of the shop, and I feel very proud to be featured in it. This morning I have showed it to everyone and anyone that will give me the time of day, making several people late for work - apologises.
Lunch was delicious, and a chance to catch up with the other shops in the book, it is strange to think we have only met a few times, but people like Marcelle and Simon have become great friends, as has Leen, the worlds most photogenic florist, and Alex who has the prettiest florist van in all the land.
After an evening of roses, weddings, gin and much laughter we headed to bed, should you find yourself at The Baytree, and in the Sycamore room, i would advise removing high heels before attempting the stairs.

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