Mobile telephones and afternoon tea

Yesterday I left my mobile telephone at the shop. I am rather lost without it, it is my watch, my address book and my contact with life outside Rutland. By 10.30p.m. I had to resist the urge to drive the 22 mile round trip to collect it. I have had a mobile phone for as long as I can remember, the first whilst at University, was the size of a whimsey red, and only worked inside the M25. At 2p.m. today I caved, and reclaimed it. 9 missed calls and 3 messages. Over afternoon tea chez Mother Hen, I decided I might like some peacocks.
I always buy books from second hand shops, it turns the book buying process into a literary treasure hunt. Sometimes you have to wait months to find a book, other times you find it straight away - The Oxfam bookshop on Portobello Road is fabulous for those who are impatient. I have been looking for "Love in the time of cholera" for a very long time, today I found it, albeit in French. Tonight an early night with "L'amour aux temps du cholera" by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, and a cup of Earl Grey. Perfume of the day has been Maitresse by Agent Provocateur.

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