Colour on a dull day

Turquoise is the new taupe, thanks to Jo for doing a marvellous painting job on the table and chairs, and for sacrificing a cardigan in the process.
Also for our new found farming audience - this morning I got stuck behind a Ford 8340.


KELLY said...

ahh...turquoise. i never get tired of you. and you look amazing on that table and chairs! x

Anonymous said...

hello. kelly sent me your way and i thought i'd delurk straight away. i grew up in melton mowbray, so it's good to read a sort-of local blog.
see you soon
hazel xx

Primrose Hill said...

Heading over from the lovely Kellys too :)
I am loving your blog and your shop, wish I lived nearer!

Will be back for a visit soon.

Lisa x

Miss Pickering said...

Bienvenue one and all,thanks to Kelly for directing you here. Hazeljoy do pop in if you find yourself back in the area. Primrose Hill, I thought at first you must live in the wife swapping celebrity enclave of NW1, but I see you live very far away!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that, how beautiful!!!

Miss Pickering said...

Yes the turquoise has met almost with universal approval. A few of our more "Country Life" customers have described as being "lovely" and "how bright".
Miss Mabel is possibly the sweetest little thing I have seen, and how funny to have found her in a flower shop.