Good news!

According to several emails, I am the sole beneficiary of $6 million legacy. Apparently all I have to do is contact a Mr Wong in the Netherlands with all my personal and bank account details. Just think of all those shoes.
Other good news is that The Book arrived this morning! Even without the inclusion of The Hound, it makes for a jolly good read. Priced at £25 it should grace every coffee table, would be a welcome gift for birthdays, weddings, and bat mitvahs, or you could place it on your head and practice your deportment.
If you can't make it into the shop, we will happily post you a copy. U.K. P+P is £5. For the rest of the world, telephone us and we will pop to see Mr Sumner at the post office who will find the best and most cost effective way to get it to you.


Flower Design Events said...

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I've added you to my favourites so i'll keep reading...

Unknown said...

Hi! "Miss Pickering", I'm Fàtima, a florist from Barcelona (Spain). I have discovered your blog today and also I added you to my favourites. I'll read it this days, it seems very interesting and I like the kind of arrangements you make.
Nice your dog too! he seems so friendly!


Miss Pickering said...

Fatima, your bouquets are breathtaking, the photography is so beautiful as well, do you do it yourself or get in a pro? I am truly inspired. I really love the ranunculus and rose bouquet (11) are the roses from Galicia? We sometimes see them at Covent Garden market.Do you source a lot of flowers from Spain, or do you import them from Holland?
Barcelona is now top of my list as prime mini-break destination.

Anonymous said...

Hi, great blog. Enjoyed your photos immensely! I also thought the article good news was quite funny-the manner in which you wrote it(I even referenced it on my facebook page).